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Map Shopify customer metafields to Dotdigital custom data fields
Map Shopify customer metafields to Dotdigital custom data fields

Connect your data between your accounts.

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You can map Shopify metafields to your Dotdigital custom data fields, ensuring all your data is synchronised to your Dotdigital account. Shopify’s customer metafields allow you to gather more detailed information from your customers in addition to default fields such as name or address. Region, gender, age, and even the customer’s favourite colour, can all be collected and mapped to your custom data fields in Dotdigital.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must create metafields in your Shopify account.
    Learn how in the Shopify article Metafields.

  • Corresponding custom data fields with the correct type must be created in your Dotdigital account. It's important for your custom data fields in Dotdigital to have the correct data type, if the data type is incorrect, the sync fails.
    Learn how in Create, delete, and edit Custom data fields.

  • Metafields for orders are also synced to your Dotdigital account’s insight data automatically.

New mappings

Mapping new custom data fields causes a full historical resync of all existing mapped customers. This process can take several hours depending on how many customers you have.

Map customer metafields to Dotdigital

  1. Go to Connect.

  2. Under Installed integrations and extensions, select the Shopify tile, then select the Field mapping tab.

  3. Under the heading Custom fields, expand the drop-down menu for each Shopify metafield and choose the corresponding Dotdigital custom data field.

  4. Once you've mapped all the metafields you need, select SAVE.

Your customer metafields are added to your Dotdigital custom fields during the next sync with Shopify.

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