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21 July 2021 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.13.0) release
21 July 2021 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.13.0) release
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What's new ✨

  • A specific error exception, relating to transactional email sends to invalid email addresses, will no longer be surfaced in system messages.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • We’ve added a shipping property to cart insight data.

  • Subscriber automation was failing for contacts who enrolled across multiple websites; this has been fixed.

  • We’ve fixed a problem with automapping data fields if the connector wasn’t enabled at default level.

  • We added a workaround for displaying configurable products with customizable options in cart insight data.

  • We’ve added try/catch to all the times we call quote→getALLItems() in our code.

  • We’ve fixed a problem with mismatching types when syncing custom customer attributes.

  • Catalog insight data now sends a correctly-formatted date string for date-type product attributes.

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