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Connect multiple storefronts to Dotdigital
Connect multiple storefronts to Dotdigital

Learn about multi-storefront functionality for Commerce Flow, and how to connect another storefront in your commerce account to Dotdigital.

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Multiple storefronts are useful for merchants that want to advertise multiple facets of their business in different areas, but keep all assets connected to a single commerce account.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You can assign storefronts to your Dotdigital parent account or child accounts.

  • If you want to connect multiple storefronts to your account make sure you are on a plan that allows this. For more information contact your account manager or Customer Success representative.

  • You can also connect multiple different stores to your Dotdigital account. Learn more in Connect another store to your account.

Use cases

These are some of reasons merchants might want to set up multiple storefronts:

  • To advertise different types of products and services.

  • To serve customers from different regions.

  • To serve different types of customers (B2C, B2B, retail and more).

All of your storefronts are connected to one commerce account, which means you can manage your marketing and analytics across all of your storefronts consistently with Dotdigital.

Multiple storefront integrations

The following integrations are compatible for multi-storefront connections to Dotdigital:


Help article

Adobe Commerce / Magento Open Source (Store views)

BigCommerce (storefronts)

Shopware (sale channels)

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