Set up SMS
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Set up SMS on your accountYou can self-serve and set up SMS on your account without having to send in an order form and wait for it to be processed.
Upgrade your SMS free trialOnce you’ve reached the end of your SMS trial, you need to upgrade to start using SMS in a real, live environment.
Using an SMS from nameHow to change the default, create, edit, or delete one.
Understand SMS pay-as-you-go and spend limitSMS pay-as-you-go, how to use the rate card, and where to find your spend limit and set spend alerts.
Use the premium messaging walletSend premium SMS and WhatsApp messages with greater convenience.
Use your own branded short URL in SMSA branded, short-URL not only looks professional but helps to reinforce your brand.
Unsubscribe and resubscribe to SMS campaignsContacts can opt-out of or opt back in to your SMS campaigns.
Set country rules for your SMS opt-out messagesSet up specific auto-replies for unsubscribe-related SMS messages received from customers in Canada, the USA, and France.