About active programs


Disabling and resuming enrolments
Active programs limit


An active program is one which is actively running; it's enrolling contacts and sending emails according to its rules. It can't be edited or deleted.

However, enrolment can be disabled and resumed for an active program, plus it can be viewed, copied, and/or deactivated.

An active program will state that it's active in the information message at the top of the program builder canvas.


Disabling and resuming enrolments

You can turn off enrolments for a program without having to deactivate it. This will let contacts who are already enrolled to continue to progress through it; your program just won't enrol any more contacts.


If a contact is directly enroled into a program via a survey or an API, such direct enrolments will take priority over the Disable contact enrolment option.

You can also resume enrolments after having disabled them.

To disable enrolment for a program, click on Utilities > Disable contact enrolment.


With immediate effect, this will disable enrolments - and the information message will change to confirm this.


To resume enrolments, click on Utilities > Enable contact enrolment.



To view an active program, click on it in the 'My programs' screen.


To copy an active program, click on the Copy icon on the 'My programs' screen. This creates an editable draft version of the program in the 'My programs' list. This is particularly useful when wanting to make a brand new program based on a similar structure, meaning you don't have to recreate it from scratch.


To deactivate a program, click on Deactivate this program.


If the program has ever enrolled any contacts it will change to a 'Deactivated' state. If it has never enrolled any contacts, it will revert to a 'Draft' state.

Active programs limit

There's an active programs limit of 50 that you can have running at any one time on your account. You'll be warned of this limit when you're within five of it. Upon reaching the maximum program limit, a message will inform you that you'll need to deactivate one or more programs before you can activate a new one.

Ask your account manager (or contact us) if you require additional active program allowances.

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