Using the Video block

Learn how to add videos to your email campaign in EasyEditor with the Video block.


EasyEditor allows you to add video thumbnails to your email campaign by using the Video block. When your contacts select the video thumbnail, it opens the video in its hosted location in a new browser window. The video thumbnail link is also a tracked link.

To learn more, check out the article Link tracking.

Add a Video block

To add a video thumbnail to your email campaign:

  1. Drag the Video block onto the EasyEditor canvas.
  2. Select the block.
  3. In the Settings panel, enter your video's URL.
    This is the URL of where you uploaded your video.
  4. Select Change image to change the default image. 

    YouTube and Vimeo automatically generates a thumbnail, but if you are using another video host, you must set the image manually. To learn more, check out Using the image manager.

  5. Select Show play bar if you want to show or hide the play bar.

Understanding the video block

The Video block is a link to a video, not an embedded video in the email campaign. When your contacts select the Play icon or anywhere on the video thumbnail, the video is launched in a browser or in a video app – if your contact is using a mobile device. There are only a handful of mobile devices that support playing videos inside the email campaign.

You can include the raw link in the text of your email campaign if you want the video link to open in your contacts’ Gmail app. If you do this, link tracking won’t work. You can work around this so the video link is tracked for your non-Gmail users, while your Gmail users can also see the video preview in their app.

To do this, insert a video thumbnail in your email campaign. At the bottom of the email campaign, enter the raw link for the video in a text box, but not so small that it looks like you're a spammer trying to hide it.

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