Resize your campaign

Restrictions on template type

The information in this article applies only to campaigns that are built from classic templates (any template that is not a 'Mobile email. Rebooted' template).

The width of your campaign can be set using the EasyEditor Styles side panel.

When in EasyEditor, select the Styles tab and then Email width.


The email width can only be set if the template is marked up to be resizable (see the EasyEditor markup article on how to add the class "ee_resizable" to the outer table, thus marking up your campaign to be flexible width).

Select from any of our three standard sizes:

  • Large (700px)
  • Standard (600px)
  • Small (500px)

Or set your own width using the custom width input at the bottom of the side panel.

Widths must be between 400 and 800 pixels.

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