Insert a calendar appointment link in an email campaign

Learn to add a calendar link to your email campaigns using the EasyEditor text block.


When you add a calendar link to your email campaigns, your contacts can easily click the link to save the event in their own calendars. This article shows you how to do this for Microsoft Outlook, but the process is very similar for other providers.


Step 1: Create and save your event

To create and save your event invite:

  1. Create your event in your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  2. Open the event in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and select File > Save As, ensure Save as type: is set as iCalendar Format (.ics file)
  3. Select Save.

Step 2: Add your event to an email campaign

  1. While creating or editing a campaign in EasyEditor, drag a text block onto the canvas.
  2. Enter the text you want for your calendar link.
    This could be something like Add to your calendar.
  3. Highlight the text, expand the Link drop-down menu, then select Link
  4. On the Link manager, select Link to a document
  5. To upload your calendar invite, select Show document manager.
  6. Select CHOOSE FILE, select your calendar invite, and then select UPLOAD
    You must select X to go back to the Link manager.
  7. Under Select a document, select your calendar invite.
  8. Select INSERT.
  9. Save and continue editing your campaign.

That's it! You contacts can select this link in your campaign to download the .ics file, open it, and then save the event to their calendar.

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