Using verified double opt-in on existing contacts

Learn how to send a double-opt in link to your existing contacts.


It’s best practice in email marketing to confirm that you have consent from your contacts to send them your communications. To help with this, you can trigger the system double opt-in confirmation to an individual contact by manually changing their opt-in type, or, you can send a standard campaign containing a double opt-in link to an address book or segment of contacts who have an opt-in type other than Verified double.

Set an individual contact’s opt-in type to verified double

When you manually change the opt-in type of an individual contact to Verified double, they are sent your selected double opt-in confirmation email to confirm this status.

To view this email, go to Contacts > Advanced Features and check the selected campaign in the Campaign to Send drop-down menu under Double opt-in settings. If the selected campaign is Default, you can select Preview to view the default double opt-in email. Otherwise you see the name of your selected triggered campaign.


If you want to make changes to the content of your double opt-in triggered campaign, go to Automation > Triggered campaign content, and select the campaign name to edit it.

To learn more, check out the article Customise the double opt-in confirmation email.

Unsupported features

External dynamic content and advanced personalisation can't be used in triggered campaigns used as confirmation emails.

To change an individual contact’s opt-in type:

  1. Go to Email > Contacts > All contacts.
  2. Select the All contacts address book.
  3. Select the contact whose opt-in type you want to change.
    You can use the Search field to locate the contact.
  4. On the contact Profile, select the current opt-in type for Email under Channels.
  5. In the Email opt-in type side panel, select Verified double.
  6. Select APPLY.
  7. Read the information in the side panel, then select SAVE AND SEND EMAIL.

The double opt-in confirmation email is sent to the contact, and they're temporarily removed from your address books and stored in the Pending contacts area until they confirm their opt-in using the link in the confirmation email.

After a contact has confirmed their opt-in, they’re added back to your address books with their opt-in type updated to Verified double.

Sending a campaign with a double-opt-in link to an address book or segment

If you want to offer a group of contacts the opportunity to confirm their opt-in, you can create a standard campaign which contains a double opt-in link, and send this to an address book or segment which contains these contacts.

To learn more about adding a double opt-in link to a campaign, check out the section Add a double opt-in link.

One way to do this is to create a segment which identifies all of your contacts who do not currently have the opt-in type Verified double.

To do this:

  1. Create a new segment.
    To learn how, check out the article Create a segment.
  2. In the segment builder, select Include contacts that match all the rules in this group to change the dropzone to Include contacts that match any of the rules in this group.
  3. Drag a Data fields block into the Include contacts that match any of the rules in this group dropzone.
  4. Select [click to select a datafield].
  5. Select Opt-in type.
  6. Expand the drop-down menu and select Unknown, then select OK.
  7. Select Duplicate to copy the rule.
  8. Select the copied rule, then expand the drop-down menu and select Single, then select OK.
  9. Duplicate the rule again, and this time select Double from the drop-down menu, then select OK.
  10. Select Save.

This segment now contains all of your contacts who do not have the opt-in type Verified double.

You can send a campaign containing a double opt-in link to this segment, and each contact that confirms their opt-in has their Opt-in type contact data field updated to Verified Double.

If you want to, after a period of time, you can refresh the segment you created to check how many remaining contacts have chosen not to confirm their opt-in. You can then remove these contacts from your account.

To learn more about refreshing segments, check out the article Refresh a segment.

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