Using verified double opt-in on existing contacts


If you have your own triggered campaign set up, then you can send it to individual contacts who are already in your address books and who don't have a verified double opt-in type.

Using verified double opt-in in this scenario will help you be sure that a contact wants to receive your email, and will provide you with proof that they do. It's also best subscription practice in email marketing for these very reasons, guarding against possible subscription abuse.  

Alternatively, you may want to reach out to multiple contacts in one go and ask them to update their opt-in level. In this case, you're able to send a standard campaign with a double opt-in link to an address book or segment.

Editing your triggered campaign for use as a confirmation email

You might want to edit the wording of the campaign if you're sending it to contacts who didn't subscribe to your address book through a signup form on your website.



External dynamic content and advanced personalisation can't be used in triggered campaigns for confirmation emails.

Setting your contacts' opt-in type to verified double

1. Go to Contacts and select an address book


2. Click on the contact whose opt-in type you want to change


3. Mouse over the 'Opt-in type' tile and click on the link to open the 'Edit' side panel

4. Under 'Opt-in type', click on the link to open the 'Opt-in type' panel

5. Select 'Verified double' and click Apply


7.  Read the message in the side panel that appears, and click Save and send email.

What happens next?

The confirmation email automatically gets sent to the contact. As explained above, they'll be temporarily removed from the address book until they've clicked on the confirmation link.

After a contact has clicked the confirmation link, that contact will be added back to the address book and their opt-in type will be updated to 'Verified double'.


To view the date that a contact's opt-in type became verified double, click the link in the 'Verified double' tile. The date is displayed under 'Opt-in type' in the 'Edit' side panel.



The verified double date displays 'date unknown' for contacts who had a verified double opt-in type before 14 February 2018.

Please note: The 'Last send' date for a contact becomes the date that the confirmation email was sent.

Both the 'Last open' date and the 'Last subscribed' date don't change.

Sending a campaign with a double-opt-in link to an address book or segment

Whereas all the above deals with sending a triggered campaign to individual contacts, what if you want to update hundreds or thousands of contacts?

Not a problem - it's simple to create a standard campaign (which makes it clear that you're seeking verification of their subscription to your communications), add a double opt-in link to it, and send it to an address book or segment. 

When a contact clicks the link, their opt-in type will automatically change to 'Verified double'.


You may want to consider creating a segment with a rule which includes contacts with the opt-in type 'Unknown', 'Single' or 'Double'. You can then send a campaign with a double opt-in link to the segment, asking them to update their opt-in level.

Even better, you can make use of our GDPR program templates to automate the process for you.
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