Using verified double opt-in


We can provide verified double opt-in when contacts opt in to your communications. An automated confirmation email is sent to your contacts and these contacts aren't added to your address books until they click the confirmation link in the email.

Double opt-in (DOI), also known as confirmed opt-in (COI), is regarded as best practice because it makes sure that contacts really want to receive your emails.

Double opt-in also protects you from the following:

  • Malicious opt-ins (for example, opt-ins that are made by spam bots)
  • Spam complaints

Enabling verified double opt-in by default

  1. Click the person-and-cog icon in the navigation bar
  2. Go to Account > Account settings
  3. Under the 'Regulatory settings' section, select any option, except 'Do not enforce double opt-in'
  4. Click Save settings


You can customise the opt-in confirmation email that signups receive, or you can create your own triggered campaign to use as the opt-in confirmation email.

Customising your confirmation email

To customise your confirmation email, go to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings.

Adding a company logo to the default confirmation email

Select Choose file to choose a logo.

The logo that you add here is also added to the default resubscribe confirmation email.


Click Preview to see both the default resubscribe confirmation email and the default verified double opt-in confirmation email.


Adjusting verified double opt-in settings

  1. Select the campaign to send. Leave this as Default to send the default confirmation email. If you want to send your own triggered verified double opt-in confirmation email, use the Campaign to send dropdown to choose one.
  2. Select a verified double opt-in action. This action happens after contacts click the confirmation link and complete the verified double opt-in process. The default selection is to 'Show some text', such as 'Thanks for the confirmation'. You can change this wording if you wish by editing it in the box provided. Alternatively, you can set the verified double opt-in action to 'Go to a page'. Enter the URL of the page in the box underneath, or you can use the dropdown below it instead to select a landing page you've created with our landing page tool.
  3. Select Save after making changes


Setting up a triggered campaign as your confirmation email


External dynamic content and advanced personalisation can't be used in triggered campaigns for confirmation emails.

If you want to create your own confirmation email and control its content, rather than use the default one, then do the following:

  1. Create a triggered campaign
  2. Add a verified double opt-in link
  3. Select the newly triggered campaign as your confirmation email

What happens next?

  1. Depending on the option you chose in your account settings, your contacts are automatically sent either the default confirmation email or the triggered campaign that you selected
  2. Contacts won't appear in the address book until they've clicked on the confirmation link in the email. They will be be in a pending state until they do so and all pending contacts can be found under Contacts > Suppressed contacts > Pending contacts.
  3. After contacts click the confirmation link in the email, they'll see the message that you entered on the 'Double opt-in settings' page or they'll be taken to the page you selected on the 'Double opt-in settings' page
  4. At this point, they're added to the address book that you selected and their opt-in type is set to verified double


Pending contacts

Pending contacts are contacts who've been sent a verified double opt-in email but who've yet to click the confirmation link. You'll find these listed under Contacts > Suppressed contacts > Pending contacts.


After they've clicked the confirmation link, they'll be removed from this page and added to your contacts.

Information on pending contacts is stored here until you either choose to manually delete contacts, or you can use the regulatory setting to automatically expire pending contacts 30 days after the date that they were last sent a verified double opt-in email. This helps keep your list manageable, and allows contacts to be re-added to the pending list and sent another round of verified double opt-in emails.

If a pending contact is deleted and they click a confirmation link after being deleted, they won't be added to your contacts. They'll need to sign up again and be sent a new verified double opt-in email.

Confirmation email limits

Contacts can be sent a maximum of four confirmation emails.

A contact can't be sent more than one confirmation email in a five-minute interval.

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    Remember that the 'Join action' has to be setup on the address book the contacts are being added to. You are able to select the trigger to fire off once a contact is added by going to 'Properties' on the 'Website Newsletter Signups' address book and ticking the 'Show advanced options' and then in the 'Join action' tab you can select the 'Triggered campaign'.

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    Not sure what the 'Please select' box does next to the go to page url??

  • Avatar

    Hi Mike,

    If you have created a page using our 'Microsites' section of the platform, then you can select it via this dropdown. If you haven't, then you won't be able to choose anything from here and you'll need to enter a URL to go to.

    Hope that helps.

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    How do I require double opt in when inserting users via the API?



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    Hi Drew,

    There isn't an API method/operation with which to do this. It can only be set up via the application interface.

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    Will you see reporting on your triggered campaign?



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    Hi Rose,

    Yes you will. Every send of the triggered campaign will be accounted for under its campaign name in reporting, as demonstrated below:


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    I'm having trouble getting this to work. Given that this blog post was started in 2011, I just wanted to check that the above Steps are still valid before I continue?



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    Hi Jon,

    I can confirm that this article is current and up to date. Is there a specific part of the process you're having trouble with? 

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    Hi Neal,

    I spoke to Support and realised that if you try to trigger the Double Opt In email to a contact that already exists the system won't send the email, so I used a brand new address which was fine.

    However, the new Edit Contact interface does not allow a user to change a contacts opt-in type from Verified Double back to Unknown which support agreed would make it easier for testing. I didn't get a ticket unfortunately.



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    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for coming back on this. Just to be clear, you are able to trigger the double opt-in email to a contact that already exists in your address books, as long as they don't already have an opt-in type of 'Verified double'. If their existing opt-in type is one of 'Unknown', 'Single' or 'Double', then you'll be able to trigger it. Of course, you'll also need to have the double opt-in email set up as a triggered campaign. Checking 'Require double opt-in verification' when editing a contact's record will then result in triggering the sending of the double opt-in email to the contact.


    It's correct that you can't change a contact's opt-in type back from 'Verified double'. The reason for this is that it's the ideal level of opt-in type which meets best practice guidelines; allowing for the manual changing of that status down again didn't seem appropriate, especially bearing in mind that changing the status up again to 'Verified double' would result in the double opt-in email being re-sent again. If done in error, this would appear as very strange to a contact. However, I understand the point made on testing.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Neal,

    Thanks for confirming the process



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    Dear Dotmailer Team,
    as discussed with your support, this article is missing "Step 4: Set 'Join Action' for address book". Otherwise, the double opt in is not working. Please update the documentation.


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    Edited by Stefan Schröder
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    Is it possible to include a link to a landing page as well as the double opt-in link?


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    Hi Charlotte. I may not understand 100% what you're asking here, so forgive me if that's the case. However, just to cover two areas that you might be referring to:

    1. You can set the double opt-in action to 'Go to a page' and then use the dropdown below it to select a landing page you've created with our landing page tool -
    2. You can include a link to both a landing page and a double opt-in link within the same campaign. This can be done in a standard campaign, as well as a triggered campaign that you me be setting up for double opt-in confirmation -

    Hope this helps, but do let me know if you need further clarification.

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    Hi Neal,

    Thanks for your reply! Is there a way that we can set up multiple double opt-in actions? I'm setting up multiple opt-in campaigns focused on different customer actions, and I'm keen to personalise the 'Go to a page' for different campaigns.


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    Hi Charlotte,

    No problem. You can only select one landing page under 'Double opt-in settings', so multiple actions aren't possible in this section. However, you might be able to achieve what you're after via the following tools:

    1. Join action triggers - This could enable you to send a specific triggered campaign once a contact has joined a certain address book, and the campaign could contain a link to a specific landing page.
    2. This could also be achieved (and maybe achieved more easily) by creating a program -

    Either way, it sounds like you could possibly benefit through using automation. If you're not familiar with the platform's automation capabilities, here's our extensive help section on it - However, you may also benefit by contacting your account manager to talk through your specific requirements and they can best guide you.

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    Hi Neal,

    Where is the option to select the address book we want the subscribers to be added to? I've created my own campaign but subscribers are going into the main contact list not a specific address book which is what I need. Your help would be much appreciated.

    "At this point, they'll be added to the address book you selected and their 'Opt-in type' will be set as 'Verified double'."

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    Hi Meghan. Whilst I'm not completely sure of your subscription process, you can certainly use our signup form functionality to create a signup form that will subscribe contacts to a specific address book - This will also add them to your 'All contacts' address book at the same time. But let me know if you need any further help.