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Get started with Surveys, pages, and forms
Get started with Surveys, pages, and forms

Capture leads, gather data and promote your products, services, or upcoming events.

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With Surveys, pages, and forms, you can create custom landing pages, surveys, or forms for your website or campaigns. For ideas on how best to make use of these, check out our use cases section.

Simple design tools

Surveys, pages, and forms are created using our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, EasyEditor, which makes it simple to create and customise without any code. Start by choosing one of our various templates, and then take your design further with custom colour schemes, fonts, and more.

Form elements

If you want to gather information from your contacts or visitors, EasyEditor includes various form fields you can drag right in; Text fields, checkboxes, and drop-down menus are ready to go.


After creating a survey, page, or form, you can easily integrate it with other tools, such as your email marketing, SMS, and automated programs. You can also view analytics on how your surveys or forms are performing, such as the number of visitors, number of responses, and detailed response information.

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Page vs survey or form

There is little difference in how you create a page or a form, but there is one considerable difference between the final result and the type of EasyEditor blocks you include.


A page is a standalone web page that contains information, images, videos, or any other types of content. You might use a page to display business, product, or service information.

Survey or form

A survey or form, on the other hand, allows website visitors to input and submit information. Typically, surveys and forms are used for various purposes, such as capturing contact information, gathering feedback, or receiving orders. They're similar to a page, but they include input fields, such as text fields, checkboxes, and drop-down menus, where visitors or contacts can enter information. Once a visitor fills out and submits a survey or form, the information is available in your reports.

Use cases

Here are a few examples of how our users get creative with their surveys, pages, and forms. Use this list for inspiration, as the possibilities are endless.

  • Lead generation
    Collect contact information from visitors interested in learning more about your products or services and who may be potential customers for the sales team to follow up with.

  • Research
    Collect feedback from visitors on various topics, such as information about your products or services.

  • Event Registration
    Let visitors register for an event hosted by your company.

  • Online courses or webinars
    Advertise and collect contact information from visitors interested in an online course or webinar.

  • Content downloads
    Collect contact information and let your visitors download a whitepaper, ebook, or some other valuable content offered by your company.

  • Contact form
    Give your visitors a way to contact you with any questions or inquiries they might have.

  • Signup form
    Collect contact details from visitors who are interested in hearing about updates and promotions.

  • Promotion or sale
    Let your visitors know about or sign up for more information about a limited-time promotion or sale.

  • Product launch
    Promote and collect contact information from visitors interested in learning about a new product or service.

Start with a guide

Get started with Surveys, pages, and forms using one of our guides.

Create and design a survey, page, or form

You can build your pages and forms using our intuitive, drag-and-drop EasyEditor.

Publish and share

Once you've created your page or form, you want to make it available to your audience.


Find out how your pages and forms are performing and set up an alert for every form submission:

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