Export an address book


For one reason or another, you may need to export your contacts from one of your address books - perhaps to update one of your other systems.

Given below are steps to export an address book and download it as a CSV file.

Or are you looking to export a single contact instead?

Exporting an address book

  1. Go to Contacts. A list of your address books is displayed.

  2. Select the address book you want to export. The contacts contained in it are displayed.

  3. Select Export and then Export all.

  4. You will then be asked if you wish to include your contacts' marketing preferences in the export. Once decided, select Export.
  5. You're then taken to the Exports screen, which lists any recently requested exports.

    Once exporting has finished, select Download to access your CSV file.

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    This option doesn't exist!? please advice on how to export contacts as a CSV please

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    Hi Ryan,

    You're quite correct - with changes to the interface over time, this article has subsequently fallen behind and isn't up to date. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, our apologies for it and we will look to rectify this as quickly as possible.

    In the meantime, to answer your question - please follow the article as far as step 3, where you select the appropriate address book to display the list of contacts that it contains.

    To the top right of this list you will see a box offering you the option to Export... **Click on it and then click on the Export All** dropdown option that next appears.


    You will next be taken to the 'Exports' screen, listing your requested exports.


    Click on Download to download your CSV file.


    Finally, you're given the option to either open the file in Excel or save it.

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    This only exports a very limited dataset of your contact fields.


    What if you want to export your contacts with all the custom data field values you have added to those contacts?

    How can you do that?

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    Hi Mark,

    You can change the columns included in the display and in the export by using the display control (above the table to the right).


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    Perfect - thank you.

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    Is there a way to export which address book each contact is part of?

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    This is out of date again, please can this be updated. Thank you.

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    Hi Amie,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Hope you find it up to date again now.

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    I still don't see an option to export my address books - please could this be rectified asap?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Claire,

    It's appearing for me. Contact our support team on support@dotmailer.com with a screenshot of the address book and they should be able to help you.