Use a customised unsubscribe form

Learn to use a customised unsubscribe form that lets your contacts pick the types of campaigns they want to unsubscribe from. 


Every account comes with a default unsubscribe page accessible from the footer of your communications. But, if you want, you can create your own customised unsubscribe form to let your contacts pick which email communications they subscribe to.

A customised unsubscribe also includes a subscribe option for any contacts not subscribed.

Review required

A review of your form is required for compliance purposes. The deliverability team are automatically notified when you create one, and final approval is required before your form is enabled for use. 

Create the form

  1. Go to Email > Contacts > Signup forms.

  2. Under the heading Subscribe options, choose the contact data fields, public preferences, and address books that you want contacts to be able to unsubscribe from.

  3. Under Display settings, select Yes or No to include consent text.
    To learn more about consent, check out the article Record consent for your contacts.
  4. If you chose to include consent text, enter your consent text in the Consent text box.
  5. Under Include unsubscribe option, select Yes.
    If you don't select this, your form will only allow new subscribers.
  6. Under the heading On completion, you can choose what happens after the contact has completed the form. Choose to add the contact to an address book, enrol them on a program, or redirect them to a landing page.


  7. To redirect the contact to a landing page, expand the Redirect to drop-down menu, select URL and enter the landing page URL.
    You can use this to take the contact to a survey to ask why they're unsubscribing.
  8. When complete, select Generate code and paste the code into your website.
  9. To add this unsubscribe link to your campaigns, insert a link in your campaigns to your customised unsubscribe form.


You could use this function in conjunction with a triggered campaign. When a contact unsubscribes from a particular address book using this form, you can ensure a campaign gets automatically sent to them, perhaps to collect feedback on why they're unsubscribing from it. This can be done by editing the settings of an address book to include an 'unsubscribe action'.
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