Creating a customised unsubscribe form


If you want to give your contacts the choice about which specific type of campaigns they can unsubscribe from (opt down instead of opt out), then you'll be interested in creating a customised unsubscribe form.

A customised unsubscribe form allows you to better manage which email communications your recipients receive. They might wish to unsubscribe from receiving one particular newsletter that isn't of interest to them but still want to receive other information about your products and services.

Creating the form

  1. Go to Contacts > Signup forms

  2. Select contact data fields, preferences, and address books that you're happy for contacts to be able to unsubscribe themselves from

  3. Decide whether to include consent information

  4. Move down to the 'On completion' section. You have the option to add a recipient who completes the form to an address book, enrol them into a program, or redirect them to a landing page. Should you choose to redirect the recipient to a landing page, select URL from the dropdown and insert the URL you'd like the recipient to be taken to (this could be a survey, if you wish, to ask why they're unsubscribing)

  5. Select Generate code

  6. Cut and paste this code to give to your web developer for inclusion on your website. An easy way to do this is to highlight the code, right-click (or select and hold) and select Copy, open a basic editor, such as Notepad, and paste the code in.

  7. Place a link in your campaigns that will go through to your webpage that displays this customised unsubscribe form. In addition to this, you'll also have the required standard unsubscribe link if you chose that option in the 'Display settings' section.


You could use this function in conjunction with a triggered campaign. When a contact unsubscribes from a particular address book using this form, you can ensure a campaign gets automatically sent to them, perhaps to collect feedback on why they're unsubscribing from it. This can be done by editing the settings of an address book to include an 'unsubscribe action'.
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