Signing up for address book subscription notifications


For easy tracking and awareness of an address book's growth, you can sign up to receive two types of notifications: 

  • Join notification: this will provide an alert whenever a new subscriber joins the address book.
  • Daily summary: this will provide a daily digest of new subscribers which arrives the next day, summarising the subscribe activity of the address book for the previous day.

Adding (and removing) email addresses for notification signup

To add (and remove) email addresses for notifications of signups: 

  1. Go to Contacts > My contacts and click on the Properties icon of the relevant address book

  2. At the foot of the 'Edit address book' screen, click on the available link underneath the 'Join notification' and 'Daily summary' fields to add the email address of the account that you're logged in with, which will sign you up to either or both. Alternatively, you can type in a different email address for yourself.

    C_address_book_notification.pngIf you wish to add further email addresses so other people can receive the notifications, just type them in. Ensure each new address is separated by a comma.

    To remove signups, simply delete them from the field and click Save to confirm the removal. 

  3. Once happy with additions/removals, click Save to confirm
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