Take a random sample of contacts to create a new address book


It may be the case that you want to send an email to a random number of contacts taken from a particular address book or segment, or multiple address books or multiple segments. For example, you might want to send a followup campaign (linking to a feedback survey) to a random amount of contacts who had received a previous campaign; this ensures you get a random selection of responses. 

In addition to the example above, you might want to check out our pro tip at the foot of this article, which outlines using this functionality in relation to campaign testing.

To take a random sample of contacts, use the Take random sample option available from the More actions dropdown. 

Create a new address book or segment using Take a random sample

  1. Go to Contacts on the navigation bar and select either My contacts or Segments from the dropdown menu, as appropriate to your requirements
  2. Select one or more address books, or one or more segments, then click on More actions and select Take random sample from the dropdown

  3. The following window will open, and you'll be asked to select your random sample settings.

    C_select_random_sample_settings.pngEnter your new address book's name, select the folder in which you'd like to place the new address book, and choose what percentage of the contacts you'd like to take as a sample. This can be done by either using the slider or by entering the figure into the numerical field.

    In the example above, 20% has been selected. If the target address book has a total of 500 contacts in it, for example, then the new address book will contain a random sample of 100 contacts.
    Please note: These contacts aren't extracted from the target address book - they remain in it but are copied into the new address book.
  4. Select OK to generate the new random sample address book

After its generation, you'll find it available and ready to use in your chosen folder location.


Pro tip - using with campaign testing

This functionality is extremely useful if you want to make the most of campaign testing. It may be the case that you're split testing on subject lines and content for a couple of campaigns; however, you could extend this by using a random sample control group.

Use the functionality to create your control group from an address book or segment. This means that when you run some split tests or a series of triggered campaigns, you can then separate your control group so they don't receive them. This way, when the testing is complete, you can compare engagement, ROI, sharing, etc., between your control group and your tested group. If all goes well, your test group will show the better results and you'll know for sure that your tests have added real value.

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