Grouping campaigns together using tags


Adding a tag, or tags, to your campaigns allows you to filter your campaigns in reports and listings.

For example, tagging appropriate campaigns with 'Newsletters' will enable you to filter by that tag and gain a clear view of how just your newsletters are performing in your account reports.

You can also add more than one tag to campaigns in order to be able to filter by multiple tags in account reports (for instance, tagging with 'Newsletters' and 'Quarterly newsletters').

Plus you can filter by an individual tag in your campaign listings and campaign reports.

Steps to set up a tag and then filter on it

  1. Select Campaigns from the navigation bar
  2. Select either the Unsent or Sent tab, as appropriate
  3. Using the checkboxes in the first column, select the campaign(s) you wish to group

  4. Click on More actions to display the dropdown menu

  5. Select Manage campaign tags
  6. The 'Manage tags' panel will slide in from the right. Click Select campaign tag.

  7. The 'Add a tag' panel slides in. Select Create a new tag, enter a new tag name and then click Apply.

    CP_add_a_tag_panel.pngIf you've already created previous tags, they'll be available to select as an existing tag.

    You can apply multiple tags to a campaign or campaigns; hold Ctrl to select multiple tags from the list.

    CP_add_a_tag_panel_2.pngAfter creating a tag, or selecting an existing tag, the 'Manage tags' panel will show that your tag or tags are ready to be set up and assigned to the campaigns you've selected. 

    CP_manage_tags_panel_2.pngIf you wish to create another campaign tag, click on Select another tag. This will take you to the 'Add a tag' screen again and you can repeat the previous process.

    Any existing campaign tags already assigned to your selected campaigns will be listed in the 'Manage tags' panel, stating the number of campaigns each tag is already assigned to.

    Tags can be removed from campaigns by clicking on the red cross.

    If you select multiple campaigns before clicking on the Manage campaign tags option, the 'Manage tags' panel will give you the option to 'Add to all' (it looks like a blue cross). This will attach any attached tags from your selection to every campaign in your selection.

    CP_manage_tags_add_to_all.pngRemember to click Apply to confirm the assignment or removal of a tag or tags.

  8. To filter the view of your campaigns, click on the Date range: in the top right of your screen and select Filter by tag:. Use the dropdown to select the group you wish to view, then click Apply. The campaigns list will filter based upon your selection.

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    Hello there,

    Is there any way that we can bring tags into segments? For example, we would like to create a segment that excludes anyone who has previously been sent a campaign tagged with 'Survey'.

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    How do I manage my tags? There are a few I would like to edit or delete but can't find a way to do so.


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    Hi Christopher and Miranda,

    Thanks for your questions.

    With regards to using tags in segments, no, this can't be done. However, you can of course filter your campaigns by the 'Survey' tag on the 'My campaigns' screen and make a note of which ones are listed. Then, in the segment builder, ensure you drag and drop 'Sends' into the 'Exclude' area of the segment builder, select Sent specific campaigns and check all of the 'Survey' tagged campaigns that were listed when filtering, which will ensure these contacts are excluded in the segment created.

    In terms of managing, editing and deleting campaign tags, you'll find they are 'self-cleaning' - they'll delete themselves if not attached to a campaign at all. So if you want to delete a tag, you need to make sure it isn't in use anywhere. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Filter by the tag in 'My campaigns' to find all of the campaigns with that tag attached
    2. Check on the box to select them all
    3. Select Manage campaign tags from the More actions dropdown
    4. Delete the tag in question by clicking on the red cross, then click Apply
      This will result in deleting the tag. You can check this by then selecting any campaign, going to Manage campaign tags and clicking on Select campaign tag; the tag will no longer be listed as an existing tag.

    Please note - you may need to do the above in both 'Unsent' and 'Sent', and any folders they contain, otherwise the tag could remain attached to a campaign, which means it won't get deleted from the existing tags list.

    You can't rename a tag. However, you can follow the deletion process above and then create a brand new tag with the new name you wish to use. Then you can re-attach it to all of the required campaigns.

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    Is there a location to centrally manage the tags available? - For example; re-name existing tags. Trying to tidy up our use of tags by applying a naming structure and cant find a central area to edit / create... - I understand i can apply within the Sent Campaigns area.
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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your question. Campaign tags can be managed by selecting 'Manage campaign' tags from the 'More actions' menu in 'My campaigns'.

    Your question is very similar to Miranda's (see above), so you should find the answer that I've given useful, starting from 'In terms of managing, editing and deleting campaign tags...'.

    In short, you can't rename a tag but, as explained above, you can delete, re-create and re-attach tags as appropriate, and thus tidy them up.

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    Campaign tags should be copied over when a campaign is copied. Currently when you make a copy of a previous campaign, the tag does not stick. This is frustrating because I have clients who update a feed page that has all sent campaigns with a specific tag but every time a campaign is copied, they will need to add the campaign tag(s) over again. This should be an easy fix for DM developers to implement...

    Also, it would be great if TRIGGERS could be included when using campaign tags for feed.

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    Thanks for your feedback. With regards to campaign tags also getting copied when copying a campaign, I have passed this on to our product development team.

    However, I'm not sure I've fully understood the second point on the inclusion of triggers when using campaign tags for a feed. Would you be able to clarify this a little further for me?

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    Hi Neal, is there any way to filter reports by more than one tag? For example filter by 'newsletter' and 'quarterly newsletter' at the same time.

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    Hi Peter. Whilst you can't select multiple campaign tags when filtering on campaign reports, you can select multiple tags when filtering on account reports - Hopefully this still provides the solution you're after.

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    Hi Neal. When reporting is it possible to set a custom date range and select a tag? I can only seem to do one or the other.

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    Hi Jason. Whilst you can't do this in campaign reporting, you can in account reporting, by using the 'Filter' and 'Date range' tools in combination - Then, by drilling down into 'Engagement' or 'Delivery', for example, the campaigns fitting your tag filter and date range will be listed at the bottom. Hopefully this still provides what you're after.

    However, if you'd like to suggest this as an improvement for campaign reporting, then please do so by submitting it via our roadmap. This is done by clicking on the person-and-cog icon in the bottom left corner of the app, selecting 'What we're working on' and then clicking on the 'Feedback' tab. Thanks!