Grouping campaigns together using tags


Adding a tag, or tags, to your campaigns allows you to filter your campaigns in reports and listings.

For example, tagging appropriate campaigns with 'Newsletters' will enable you to filter by that tag and gain a clear view of how just your newsletters are performing in your account reports.

You can also add more than one tag to campaigns in order to be able to filter by multiple tags in account reports (for instance, tagging with 'Newsletters' and 'Quarterly newsletters').

Plus you can filter by an individual tag in your campaign listings and email reports.

Setting up a tag and filtering

  1. Select Campaigns from the navigation bar
  2. Select either the Unsent or Sent tab, as appropriate
  3. Using the checkboxes in the first column, select the campaign(s) you wish to group
  4. Select More actions to display the dropdown menu

  5. Select Manage campaign tags
  6. The 'Manage tags' panel will slide in from the right. Select Select campaign tag.

  7. The 'Add a tag' panel slides in. Select Create a new tag, enter a new tag name and then select Apply.

  8. If you've already created previous tags, they'll be available to select as an existing tag.
    You can apply multiple tags to a campaign or campaigns; hold Ctrl to select multiple tags from the list.
  9. After creating a tag, or selecting an existing tag, the 'Manage tags' panel will show that your tag or tags are ready to be set up and assigned to the campaigns you've selected. 


    If you wish to create another campaign tag, select Select another tag. This will take you to the Add a tag screen again and you can repeat the previous process.

    Any existing campaign tags already assigned to your selected campaigns will be listed in the 'Manage tags' panel, stating the number of campaigns each tag is already assigned to.

    Tags can be removed from campaigns by selecting the red cross.

    If you select multiple campaigns before selectingManage campaign tags, the Manage tags panel gives you the option to Add to all (it looks like a blue cross). This attaches any attached tags from your selection to every campaign in your selection.

    Select Apply to confirm the assignment or removal of a tag or tags.

  10. To filter the view of your campaigns, select the Date range: in the top right of your screen and select Filter by tag:. Use the drop-down menu to select the group you wish to view, then select Apply. The Campaign's list filters based upon your selection. 


Delete a campaign tag

In order to delete a campaign tag from your account, you need to remove it from all the campaigns it is applied to.

To do this:

  1. Go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Reports: Email.
  2. To filter the view of your campaigns, select Date range: in the top right of your screen and select Filter by tag:
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the tag you wish to delete, then select Apply.
  4. Use the top checkbox to select all of the campaigns in the filtered list.
  5. Select More actions, then Manage campaign tags.
  6. Select the Delete icon to remove the tag from all of the selected campaigns.
  7. Select Apply.
    The campaign tag is deleted and no longer available in your account.
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