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EasyEditor's top bar has a number of tools to help you review your campaign.

As well as the Preview button, there are options under Utilities that let you check your spam score, statistics and links.

There are further options that allow you to restore a previous version of your campaign and to edit the HTML source code.


Spam check

Once you've finished editing and previewing your campaign, you should check your campaign using the Spam check option.

Your campaign is passed through a spam filter and is scored accordingly. A new window opens to display the results. Our campaign shown below has scored low which is good news; although we also include a score for another campaign which didn't turn out so well!



You can click on Show minor points to display why the campaign scored those minor points. From there, you'll be able to see how certain text within your campaign is scoring and change that text if required.

Our spam check function is provided by a third-party anti-spam platform called SpamAssassin. It performs a list of tests on email messages with which it applies scores and determines if emails are spam or not.

Show stats

When you select the Stats option, a statistics window appears over your campaign.

This provides key information about the content of your campaign, such as how many words you've used, how many links, how many images and the overall height of your campaign.


Show links

When you select the Links option, a 'Links' window appears over your campaign.

As you click down the list of links, the corresponding link is shown in a red box in your campaign. If the link is further down or up in the campaign and not in your immediate view, it will scroll to its position and highlight it accordingly.

From this window, you can click on external URLs to test them out, as well as edit links by clicking on the pencil icon on the far right.


Restore a previous campaign version

When you save your campaign, or when an autosave is made (which EasyEditor does one minute after any change), a copy is kept for some time after it's been created. These can be retrieved and loaded back into EasyEditor by clicking on Restore.

This will open a window. Click on the available dropdown to view all of the earlier versions that are stored for the campaign. Autosaves are indicated.

To restore a previous version, select it from the dropdown list.


The version selected will firstly display within the window, to allow you to check it's the version that you're looking for.

Once happy, click Restore. This will replace the version that's already in EasyEditor and you can proceed as normal.

Maximum age of previous versions

Previous versions of campaign content are stored for a maximum of 60 days, after which they're deleted.

Edit the source code

You can edit the source code for the entire HTML document by clicking on Edit source.

Read more about editing your HTML »

Preview your campaign

When you use the Preview option, a new window opens to show how your campaign will look. You have several options for modifying this, which you can read about in Previewing your campaign

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  • Avatar

    My question was is there still a spell check in Easy Editor as I cannot find it

  • Avatar

    Hi James,

    At present there isn't a spell check in EasyEditor, although there is  feature request open for this functionality.

    Meanwhile you may be able to find a solution in your browser. Many browsers (including Firefox, Safari and Chrome) now have built in spell checkers which work with EasyEditor. Internet Explorer 9 doesn't (although IE 10 will), however you can get plugins to add on this functionality.

  • Avatar

    It would be nice toi be able to quickly delete links in the review section...speaking as a newbie.

  • Avatar

    Can I save my "from scratch"template design to use again on a different campaign?

  • Avatar

    Hi Peter,

    Yes — If you've got a campaign you want to re-use as a template, you can copy it to the template library.

    In the list of Sent or Unsent campaigns: select the relevant checkbox, then click on the 'More actions' menu and then choose 'Copy to library'.


  • Avatar

    @Sue — Oh, thanks for the idea (and sorry for not spotting it earlier); deleting links from the review section sounds like an interesting idea. I guess that's for when you realise you've added too many links to the campaign? Or would you also want to be able to edit them?