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Add App blocks to your campaigns
Add App blocks to your campaigns

Display customer reviews and review information in your email campaigns.

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There are four App blocks you can add to your email campaigns:


Badges are graphics that display an overall rating and review count. Add these to your email campaigns to showcase your business's reputation.


Nuggets are short review excerpts highlighting a specific product or service's features or benefits. You create nuggets in, and then add them to your email campaigns. The nuggets App block shows the most recently created nugget.

Rating bars

Rating bars are visual representations of your overall rating and review count. You can use rating bars to spotlight high levels of customer satisfaction.

UGC galleries

UGC galleries are collections of user-generated content, such as photos, videos, and Instagram mentions, that can be used to showcase your customers' experiences with a product or service. Add UGC content to email campaigns to reinforce trust in your brand and encourage customer engagement.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must first create a Dotdigital API user.

Learn how in Create an API user.

1. Integrate App blocks with Dotdigital

  1. In, go to Integrations, then select Dotdigital.

  2. Enter your Dotdigital API user details; these are API endpoint, API Username, and API Password. To find your API endpoint, go to Settings > Access > API users.

  3. Select Save Dotdigital Integration.

  4. Your App blocks are now automatically created in Dotdigital.

2. Add App blocks to a campaign

  1. In Dotdigital, either create a new email campaign or edit the campaign you want to add the block to. Learn more in Email basics - create, build and send.

  2. From the EasyEditor Build menu, expand the App block menu.

  3. Find the App block you want to add, then drag it into place on the EasyEditor canvas, then select APPLY.

  4. Finish editing and save your campaign.

Learn more about using EasyEditor in Build your campaign in EasyEditor.

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