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Navigating the image manager
Uploading new images
Previewing and editing images
Manage what folders your images are stored in
Search for images
Keyboard shortcuts


You can manage images using the image manager.

It can be accessed in three ways:

  • From CampaignsImage manager in the top navigation bar of the app
  • When in Build > Images in EasyEditor, click on Manage
  • When in the surveys and forms tool, adding or editing an image will open it 

The image manager allows you to:

  • Upload new images (including the upload of multiple images)
  • Edit and delete images
  • Manage what folders your images are stored in
  • Search for images
  • Recover deleted images


Navigating the image manager

Within the image manager there are a few key controls to determine your view.


Folder view

Click on the file tree in the left-hand side panel to determine which images you view. As well as any folders you create yourself, you also have the top level choices of 'All images', 'Images used in this campaign' and 'Recently uploaded images'.

List/thumbnail view

Click on the list and thumbnail view icons to toggle between showing a grid of all your images or a list of thumbnail images with additional information such as width, height, size and upload date.

If using the thumbnail view, you can use the slider to determine the size of the thumbnails. Move it left to reduce the size and right to increase it.


If using the list view, you can change the default order of the list of the folder you're in (which is based alphabetically on image name) by clicking on any one of the attribute titles. Thus 'Name' can be changed from alphabetical to reverse alphabetical order, 'Width', 'Height' and 'Size' can be switched between ascending and descending order, whilst 'Uploaded' can be switched between most recent upload first or oldest upload first.


Other useful navigational features to note:

  • Mousing over any image will highlight its containing folder in the file tree to the left
  • When you exit image manager, the folder and image you last had selected is highlighted in the side panel. This makes it easy to then insert that image into your campaign if you wish. Conversely, the image you've selected in the side panel will be the image highlighted when you open image manager.

Uploading new images

To upload new images:

  1. Click on the Add button
  2. Choose your image (or images) in your computer's file system
  3. Click OK or Open


Images are created with the same name as the filename from your computer (with some changes to remove special symbols). You can rename them once they've been uploaded.

Note that multiple image upload is not available for all browsers (notably it's not supported by Internet Explorer 8 or 9).

Previewing and editing images

Use the toolbar running along the top of the image manager to preview and edit your images.


To rename an image, click on its name at any point. This will make the name editable.

Alternatively, click on Rename.


Click on Preview to open a full-size version of the image. This can also be done by double-clicking on the image in image manager.

From here you can remove sections of an image that you don't want, or edit it with Aviary's picture editor, by selecting Crop or Edit from underneath the image.

You can also select to crop or edit an image from the top ribbon without needing to preview it.

On the cropping screen, a cropping rectangle will display in the image.


You can manipulate the rectangle over the area of the image you want to keep by dragging it as a block around the image, by lengthening or shortening its sides horizontally or vertically, or by increasing or decreasing its area by pulling one of its corners in or out. Width and height indicators along the bottom edge indicate the size of the image that is being retained.

To entirely move the cropping focus elsewhere in your image, simply click on the desired location with the crosshair, hold down and drag to make the cropping rectangle re-appear in that position and thus cancel the previous position.

When you're happy with your cropping, click on Save cropped image. You'll have two choices:

  • You can either overwrite the existing image (don't worry though - the original will continue to display wherever it's already been used), or
  • You can choose a new name for the image (thus this will be saved as a new image and not overwrite your original).


In addition to image manager's native cropping function, you also have the power of the picture editor to edit your images. Select Edit to open it.


It comes with nine key functions:

  • Transform - custom crop your images, or choose from predefined crops, including Facebook-appropriate ones. You can also resize your images by ticking 'Lock Resolution' in the bottom left corner of the picture editor, and then, when changing the pixel value of one dimension, the other will adjust accordingly.

  • Filters - choose from a huge range of filters to get just the effect and tone you want
  • Adjust - adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of your images, as well as the ability to apply other refinements
  • Focus - apply the focus effect of your choice
  • Text - apply text to your images, and style it
  • Text Design - choose from a number of text designs to give your text character
  • Stickers - apply any number of emoticon and shape stickers to your images (such as smileys, speech bubbles or arrows)
  • Brush - touch up your images with brush settings
  • Frames - apply a frame around your images
  • Overlays - apply an overlay to your images from a range of choices

To save edits, click OK in the top right corner to open the side panel, rename the edited image, and then click Apply. You'll be taken back to your list of images, where the edited image will be listed.

Manage what folders your images are stored in

The image manager supports unlimited folders and nested folders. To create a new folder click on the New Folder icon.


The new folder will be created inside the current folder.

You can drag folders around to nest them inside each other, and delete whole folders by moving them to the Recycle bin.

To rename a folder, click on the folder name to highlight it and then click again to edit its name.


Images can be dragged from one folder to another. You can also select multiple images and drag them to a new folder.

To delete an image, either drag it to the Recycle bin or select it and then click Remove on the toolbar, which will also place the image in the recycle bin.


Search for images

Not sure which folder an image is in? Don't worry - the image manager includes a search facility in the top right-hand corner; type the name, or part name, of the image you're looking for and it will show all matching images from all folders.

You can also search for images uploaded in a given month of a year by searching the three letter shortening of a month’s name or the full month’s name followed by the full year, e.g., ‘jan 2014’ or ‘january 2014’.

A temporary folder will contain your search results. Mousing over a found image will highlight its containing folder in your folder tree, whilst also producing an information box containing all the relevant details about the image.


Keyboard shortcuts

We also have keyboard shortcuts for navigating your way around the image manager:

  • Ctrl and k will show the grid view
  • Ctrl and l will show the list view
  • Alt and + will initiate the upload of an image
  • Alt and n will create a new folder
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  • Avatar

    Is there any way for me to empty the recycle bin?

  • Avatar

    Hi Tatum,

    There isn't a way to empty the recycle bin at the moment I'm afraid. If you're ending up with a lot of images in the account that you no longer need, then it sounds like something that would be a good feature.

    We've got an open feature request for such a function at:

    You can add your vote to that feature by clicking on the "Me too!" button.

  • Avatar

    What if I want to replace an existing image? Can i delete the image i have and then upload a new image to the same location with the same name?

  • Avatar

    Hi there... are there any known issues to the image manager's multiple image upload ability not working on IE9? It seems whenever I try using the uploader on IE9, I can select images only one at a time. Any ideas?

  • Avatar

    @Aya — We don't support replacing an existing image at the moment, this prevents someone from inadvertently breaking existing campaigns and templates by changing an image used elsewhere. Each image uploaded is uploaded to a new location.

    @Wardah — I'm afraid multiple file upload is an aspect of HTML5 that Internet Explorer 9 doesn't support (IE10 does though); as such you'll need to upload each image one at a time (or use Chrome / Firefox). That said, you may have noticed that our Template uploader allows you to select multiple images; in this case we cheat and use a Flash tool to upload multiple files — it wouldn't be out of the question to use this in the image manager too, but our developers can sometimes have an aversion to Flash, so they might take some convincing.

  • Avatar

    Hi Stoo, thanks so much for the concise reply. And I thought I was going mad or something :D

    In that case, can I suggest that the wording on the support stuff be updated to reflect this? I_ts caused us a LOT of headache_ because we thought there was something we were doing wrong...


    Wardah (Verdah)

  • Avatar

    Hi Wardah,

    Good plan - I've updated the article with a note about Internet Explorer. It got me rather confused this morning too until I checked with the creators of both the image manager and template uploader to check why it worked in one spot but not the other.

    Best wishes,


  • Avatar

    How do I view the location of an image once it's uploaded? I did it before but now i can't do it anymore.

    please help - I'm using an iMac computer


  • Avatar

    Hi Eleanor,

    I'm assuming you're after the URL of the image? You can get a temporary URL by dragging the image into your campaign/tempalte and viewing the HTML; however, in some cases the public URL of the image won't be generated until the campaign is sent/test-sent (if, for example, you've resized the image in the campaign/template).

  • Avatar

    Can we upload images using this process and then use them in the Sitebuilder to construct our page? Or is there a different way of doing this?

  • Avatar


    In the Image Manager our list of folders (Eg, Our company manages several departments, each with 2012 > X Month > X Date and now 2013 > X Month > X Date in nested style) has become very long and it difficult to scroll through quickly and efficiently to find where you want to place images. Is there any way to expand and collapse folders where needed? (Show/Hide nested folders) or is this an idea that could be implemented in future?



  • Avatar

    @Matt — Hi Matt. Yes, the images accessible in Sitebuilder and in EasyEditor are saved to the same image store; so any images you upload in one you can use in the other.


    @Peter — Hi Peter. Sounds like you've managed to get quite an impressive image library. There isn't an expand/collapse option at present, but I can see how that could be helpful. We do have a feature request for it open, so if you want to add your vote/voice to it do add a note to Paul's request at:



  • Avatar

    We've recently changed templates and the image size of product shots have changed. I would like to delete all the old product shot images from the image manager because I will never be able to use them again (they're too small). However I obviously don't want old campaigns that are still out 'in the wild' to suddenly have their images stop working. If I delete them from the image manager are they actually deleted or do they just not show up in the image manager anymore?



  • Avatar

    Hi Mike,

    Yep the images are not physically deleted (just marked as such), so the old campaigns won't break and the images won't appear in your image manager.

    At some point these images are likely to get cleaned up; but not ones that have been used in campaigns in recent months. As such I would advise against deleting any images that are used in triggered campaigns or in microsites.

  • Avatar

    Is it possible for me to delete folders?

  • Avatar

    Hi Michael, 

    To delete a folder, simply drag and drop it into the Recycle Bin. Any images contained in the folder will still be retrievable from within the Recycle Bin, should you want them.

  • Avatar


    Am I able to drag and drop folders in to other folders? This is something i've tried to do before but i haven't had any luck.

    thank you


  • Avatar

    Hi Scarlett,

    Yes, you can drag and drop image folders into other image folders. Furthermore, thanks for bringing this aspect of managing images to our attention, as I don't think it's covered in the above article!

    To drag a folder into another folder, simply click and drag the folder in question over the destination folder. The destination folder will highlight and you can then drop the folder you're dragging into it. 


    The dropped folder will now appear as nested within the destination folder:


    You won't be able to drag a folder into a folder that it is already the child folder of, or drag a folder into a folder that it is already the parent folder of. Red highlighting will make this obvious when attempting it though:


    Hope this helps you out.