Activating and deactivating automated programs


Activating a program
Deactivating a program
Reactivating a program


Programs are always in one of the following states:

  • draft
  • active
  • deactivated
  • read-only
  • deleted

The state of any program at any time can be confirmed by looking at the 'Status' column on the My programs page, where all of your programs are listed (deleted programs are not listed here, however - read Managing automated programs for more on states).

You can change these states by activating, deactivating and reactivating programs.

Activating a program

Whilst building a program, it's in a draft state. Once you're completely happy with your program, click Save first and then Activate. This will turn your program on and put it into an active state.


A program can no longer be edited once activated.

If you have any outstanding validation errors, you'll be reminded of these at this point and you won't be able to activate your program until they're resolved.

Upon clicking Activate, your program will begin running. Although you'll no longer be able to edit it, you'll still be able to view your program by clicking on it in the 'My programs' screen.

An active program will state that it's active in the information message at the top of the program builder canvas, and that it's enrolling new contacts and sending emails.


Deactivating a program

To deactivate a program, click on Deactivate this program in the toolbar.


If the program has ever enrolled any contacts, it will change to a 'Deactivated' state.


If it has never enrolled any contacts, it will revert to a 'Draft' state.

Reactivating a program

To reactivate a program, click Activate on the program toolbar. The program will need to have been saved and have no validation errors to be able to do this.


If the program has enrolled any contacts at any point whilst being active, then you'll also have the option to disable or resume enrolments from Utilities.

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    Can you activate/deactivate programs via the API at all?



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    Hi David. This isn't possible via the API. There are currently six program operations, and they are:

    - Create program enrolment
    - Get programs
    - Get program by ID
    - Get program enrolment report faults
    - Get program enrolment
    - Get program enrolments by status

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