Using random splits in programs


The Random split node is used to create a random split of contacts in your marketing automation program, based on a given probability of contacts going down either one of the routes.

This is useful, for example, if you want to test a welcome program featuring an increased number of campaigns compared to your established welcome program featuring a certain number of campaigns. By setting a percentage probability for each route your contacts could go down, you're able to evaluate the performance of the two routes. It gives you the information you need to decide whether it's worth permanently switching to your newer welcome program, featuring an increased number of campaigns, or not.


Configuring a random split in a program

Drag and drop a random split node from the side panel onto the canvas, making sure that it attaches to a previous node.

Click on the node to set the chances of contacts going down each program branch. A panel will slide in from the right side of the screen.


To set the probability percentages with the slider control, you can either use the increment and decrement buttons or type the percentage directly into the field.


Please note that random splitting is based on probability as applied per contact. It's not a set percentage split of the amount of contacts passing through the node (which wouldn't essentially make it random). For example, if you set the probability as 80% for one route and 20% for the other, it does not mean that 80 out of 100 contacts will go down the 80% route and 20 contacts will go down the 20% route.

With a random split in this scenario, you're stipulating that each individual contact reaching the node has an 80% chance of being sent down one route and a 20% chance of being sent down the other route.

Click Apply.

The Random split node will be set.

Next, you'll need to ensure both branch connectors are attached to the subsequent nodes you want your contacts to progress to.

In our simple example given at the top of the page, contacts passing through the '80%' chance random split node will go down the route that receives the campaigns of the currently used welcome program. Those contacts falling within the 20% category will be sent down the other route and will receive the campaigns of the newly devised welcome program (with the extra campaigns).

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