Use Web Behavior Tracking to increase website downloads

Please note: this article assumes Web Behavior Tracking has been installed. It also assumes some familiarity with using and applying segmentation, and more specifically familiarity with Web Behavior Tracking and Web Behavior Tracking segmentation, as well as using the program builder.


You can use Web Behavior Tracking to identify contacts who have visited and browsed download pages on your site but haven't committed to a download; you can then automatically target these contacts to encourage them to complete their particular download, or even promote related downloads. Such downloads could be anything from product guides and promotional brochures to whitepapers or events information.

For example, you have uploaded an important industry whitepaper onto your site, into which numerous hours of research have been invested, and which will really serve to educate and benefit users of your services. You want to maximise its reach, ensuring its read and disseminated by as many interested parties as possible. You also want to encourage visitors who have browsed the download page on your site but haven't committed to the download itself. 

Using Web Behavior Tracking

You can use Web Behavior Tracking to:

  • Identify browsers who have visited your specific download page.
  • Firstly, use the program builder to create a simple program, which will automate the process for you. Set your program to enrol daily (although it could be less often, if you wish) and add an enrolment rule which triggers from a segment.

  • Create the appropriate enrolment rule.

  • Exclude those browsers who have visited your specific download 'thank you' page. Make sure you set something up like a redirection to a 'thank you' page upon download, as it's a good way to ensure you can work in such an exclusion, so you won't be unnecessarily emailing contacts who already have your download.

  • For your program's enrolment limit, the setting 'Enrol contacts in program only the first time they meet the start criteria' is probably the most appropriate for this. It means they'll get your campaign once, when scheduled, as they will only get enrolled once and will then exit the campaign.

  • Activate your program.

  • Your campaign will get automatically sent out to the contacts that satisfy your enrolment rules, setting out all the benefits of downloading the whitepaper, what it covers, how it is applicable, and possibly even including testimonials or feedback on the whitepaper from other contacts, including a link to the download.

    You could also recommend and include links to any other related downloads on your site or sites. 


Analysing the results

You encourage a good number of visitors who had previously browsed your whitepaper download page into actually downloading it! They benefit as a result of your targeting, converting them from mere browsers into readers of your whitepaper, and they come out from it educated, clued up and grateful to you. Not only that but they end up impressed by your proaction, your communications with them and your enthusiasm for the publication. They not only have a better impression overall of your business but they're also struck by your company as a resource for knowledge and expertise. They're likely to be back to use your services again soon, and spread the word to others.

And don't forget - this Web Behavior Tracking program model, which could of course include greater complexity, can be applied to any type of download page on your site, providing a useful tactic to help reduce your download page abandonment rates. 

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