Engagement Cloud for Salesforce - Engagement Cloud

Marketing Automation Login

The first time you use the Engagement Cloud tab, you will need to provide your password. By submitting your password, you are consenting to the linking of your Salesforce account to your Marketing Automation account for automatic login.

After your account have successfully logged into your Marketing Automation account, you will not be prompted to enter your password again (unless your accounts are unlinked).

If you do not agree to these terms, Marketing Automation Campaign creation will not be available directly from within your Salesforce account.

If you are not linked to an Marketing Automation account or you do not have permission to use Enagagement Cloud when the Engagement Cloud tab is selected one of the following dialogues will be displayed.

Your privileges can be altered by the system Administrator Use Configuration tab > Actions > Manage Users.

The list shows all accounts set up in the Marketing Automation application, select an available Salesforce User from the drop down list, if there are not any accounts available, it will not be possible to link the account until one has be created in the Marketing Automation application.

Follow the guided steps to either create a new email template from the many designed layouts or modify an existing design.

At step 3 of the creation/editing of an Email Campaign in the Marketing Automation application, you can return to using the other Salesforce Marketing Automation tabs. The sending and monitoring of the email campaign is possible once it has been linked to a Salesforce Campaign.

For any newly created Emails Campaign to be visible in Salesforce, the Email Campaign tab must be refreshed after a synchronisation has occurred.

Synchronisation of Email campaigns can either by using the Synchronise button, to immediately insert it into the queue or waiting for the next automated scheduled time.

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