Link additional users in Dotdigital for Salesforce


User management can be used when additional Salesforce users are needed to be linked to Marketing Automation users. This is also used to change the users’ permissions to access certain tabs and functions.

Depending on the number of standard managed users in Dotdigital, the Email Account list may contain one or more users. Each Email User Account can only be linked to one Salesforce User.

If you wish to change the linking from one Email User to another to another Salesforce User, use the Clear button next to the initial Salesforce User name before selecting from the drop-down list for the other Email Mail user.

Using the Email account user for the Email Client, this can be linked to any of the Salesforce user account available from the drop-down list.

Click Save to create the link. Once the link has been made, the association will be shown in the screen.

When accounts have been linked, they are set as Active. If they are deactivated, the login through Dotdigital will need to be re-established.


If there are more than 500 users in the Salesforce org, it will display as a text field rather than a picklist. Enter the user's email address and hit save.


The access and use of a number of tabs, buttons and actions can be controlled for each user. As a default, they are set according to the permission set applied to the user. The Configuration tab is usually controller by the administrator.

You can allow users access to permissions by going to Configuration > Settings > Manage users > Permissions. The permission options are:

  • Dotdigital Tab
  • Configuration Tab
  • Actions Button
  • Address Book Saving
  • Address Book Synchronising
  • Campaign Sending
  • Campaign Synchronisation
  • Dotdigital Account Linking
  • Address Book/Campaign Linking

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