Engagement Cloud for Salesforce - Reports

The application is supplied with 11 reports covering a broad spectrum of data.

  • All Email Campaigns
  • All Email Clicks
  • Email Campaign Clickers
  • Email Campaigns Timeline
  • Email Clicks
  • Email Clicks by Keyword
  • Email Return on Investments
  • Social Network Shares
  • Suppressed Contacts
  • Top 10 Email Campaigns by Opens
  • Top Clicks across all Email Campaigns

Some of these reports have been used to populate the supplied Dashboard, others can be created as required.

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    Would it be possible to also add webinsights data to these rapports? If not, would you development department consider to allow the Visualforce page 'ddm__Contact_Engagement' to make it visible for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities and the mobile app? That would give us ALOT more freedom in using the application and engagement timeline regarding rights, not having the 'add to automation' button available for everyone (since these two are stuck together...)