Adding buttons to your campaign or landing page


Adding a button
Editing a button's settings
Editing a button's text


EasyEditor allows you to easily add buttons to your campaign or landing page with the Button building block. It simply needs dragging and dropping into position.

Recipients or visitors clicking on the button will be taken to wherever you set the button to link to.


Adding a button

Drag and drop the Button building block into the desired position in your campaign or landing page.


The button automatically picks up and matches the styling of any other buttons that are already being used.


Editing a button's settings

To edit the settings of a button, click on the button within your campaign or landing page.

The button 'Settings' panel will display. 


You can switch between Button and Borders to do the following:

  • add a link to the button - clicking under 'Button URL' will open up the 'Add a link' dialog window
  • change the button's colour - enter either the hex code or click on the colour picker to choose
  • align the button - left, right, centre, or go full-width
  • add horizontal and/or vertical padding to the button
  • set a minimum width
  • set a button border colour - enter either the hex code or click on the colour picker to choose
  • set a button border width
  • set a button border radius

Editing a button's text

The text can be changed by clicking on the button and entering the text you want displayed. 

The options along the text toolbar can also be used, such as changing font, font size, text colour, italicising, and so on. You can even personalise buttons if you wish.

Provided the 'Styles' option is available in the text toolbar, you can apply them easily to your buttons.

styles_option_for_button_in_ee.pngRead more about applying styles for buttons.
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    Hi Neal,

    Like this but can see how to align a button (left / centre / right). Is this possible?


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    Hi Mike,

    Yes it is. However, you'll need to do it within the HTML itself. Go to 'Utilities', select 'Edit source' and then look for <td class="button-container">. You can then add 'button-center', 'button-left' or 'button-right' to align it, e.g. <td class="button-container button-center">.

    Edited by Neal Goldsmith
  • Avatar

    Hi Neal,

    I realise this is a very old discussion, but is it at all possible to 'vertically' align a button block. i.e. to align a button to the bottom of it's container block. A typical implementation for a button, would be to have some text and then a button beneath that. If you have two columns with two different lengths of text, it would be good to align the button to the bottom so that both buttons automatically sit on the same horizontal alignment.

    Hope that makes sense?