Creating a seed list


A seed list is a list of email addresses that automatically gets sent a copy of every campaign sent to 2000 contacts or more (this doesn't apply to transactional email).

It's a good idea to employ a seed list, as it will enable anyone on it to monitor sending activity from your account.

About seed lists

  • A seed list can contain a maximum of 25 email addresses
  • Sends to a seed list neither count towards your send allowance, nor feature in reports
  • Any external dynamic content won't work for sends to a contact in a seed list

Creating a seed list

  1. Go to Contacts > Advanced features > Seed list

  2. In the 'Emails' field, enter the email addresses you'd like to add to your seed list. Only enter one email address per line.

  3.  Click Update

If you want to remove an email address from the seed list, remove it from the box and then click Update.

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