Account settings - an overview

What are account settings? 

Every account has its own settings and details. This includes your own details, your team's details and permissions (if you have a team), your account's usage levels and billing information, your platform settings, and your sender reputation. 

Where do I find my account settings?

Your account settings are found in the bottom left corner of the app. Click the person-and-cog icon to open the account settings menu.

What can I do from my account settings?

What you can see and do from here depends upon whether you're an account owner, an admin user, or a non-admin user. It also depends upon what features are enabled on your account.

As an account owner, however, you could see menu options for all of the following:

  • Account - which can have tabs for:
    • Usage - view monthly usage statistics and any additional charges that affect your billing, plus any available credits
    • Billing details - change your company billing details, payment details, and billing contacts
    • Account settings - change the platform's language and timezone, customer service address, regulatory settings, and enable or disable features and security settings
    • SMS settings - change your incoming SMS routes, if configured
    • Invoices - view, download and pay your invoices
    • Sender reputation - indicates the quality of your email marketing
  • Your team - manage your team by adding extra accounts, creating users, setting access and permissions, plus you can share templates
  • Access - add and manage API users, transactional email users, program extension profiles, and Web Behavior Tracking profiles
  • Exports - view your recent exports from the platform
  • Recycle bin - view deleted campaigns, programs, and contacts for 30 days, during which time they're still recoverable, then they're permanently deleted
  • Domain names - view and manage your purchased domains with us
  • Channel management - create and manage your channel profiles (such as Facebook Audience and Google Ads), as well as view your usage statistics
  • Insight data - view all of your AccountInsight data collections and records
  • What we're working on - access to our public roadmap to see what we're working on and provide feedback
  • Logout - logout of the platform from here
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