Using programs to add contacts to address books and other programs


The Add contact node is used to add contacts to address books or to add contacts to other programs, depending on a program action being performed or reached.


In the case of adding to an address book, this is useful if you want to do something like automatically subscribe contacts to your regular newsletter series address book once they've reached the end of a welcome series.

In the case of adding a contact to another program, you could use it in a welcome program when you want contacts nearing the end of it to then get added into to your lead nurturing program.

Using and configuring the Add contact node

To configure the node, drag it in from the side panel and drop it onto the canvas after the required action, ensuring it's attached, and then click on the node. A configuration panel will slide in from the right side of the screen.

From here, select whether you want to add contacts to selected address books, or add contacts to selected programs, and then click Select address book/Select program

The Added to the selected address books option allows you to create a brand new address book by clicking on New address book.


The Added to program option allows you to create a brand new program by clicking on New program.

Select address book/Select program opens a new panel to select the address book/s or program/s of your choice (you can search for address books or programs by name at the top of the panel).

You can select a single address book or program, or you can hold Ctrl to select multiple address books or programs if you wish.


After selecting an address book or program, you're taken back to the previous subscription configuration screen, where your selected address book/s or program/s are listed.


Once happy with your selection, click Apply.

Your node will be set and, when activated, your program will automatically add contacts to your selected address books, or add them to your selected programs when they arrive at that point in the program.

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