Export data from email reports

Learn to export the data from your email reports.


You can export data from most email reports as a CSV file to store in your local files.

Export Email reports as a CSV file

To export email reports as a CSV:

  1. Go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Reports: Email.
  2. To filter the email reports you want to display by date, select DATE RANGE in the top right and choose a predefined date range, or enter a custom date range.
  3. To filter the email reports you want to display by tags, choose a tag filter.
  4. Select APPLY.
  5. Select EXPORT CSV to export all displayed email reports.
  6. When your export is ready, select Download.

Exporting your email reports' drilldown reports

You can also export your email reports' individual drilldown reports:

  1. Go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Reports: Email.
  2. Find the email report you want to drill down into and select the name to access the campaign overview report.
  3. Select MORE REPORTS and then select the specific report you'd like to export.
  4. Select DISPLAY to choose the contact data fields you want to include in the export, or select the checkbox for Select all.
  5. Select APPLY.
  6. Expand the EXPORT drop-down menu and select Export.

You're taken through to the Exports screen, where your export appears a CSV file. This process may take time to complete. Once available, select Download.

View your previous exports

If you don't download your exported email reports at the time you generate them, you can always do so at a later time. Previous exports are stored for up to 30 days.

To view your previous exports go to Settings (⋮) > Exports.

Create a new address book with contacts from a report

  1. Go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Reports: Email.
  2. Select the campaign you want to view a report for.
  3. Expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu, then choose a report that gives a list of contacts as a result.
  4. Expand the EXPORT drop-down menu, then select Create address book.
  5. Under Create address book, enter a name for the address book.
  6. Select Create.

We'll create your new address book as a private address book and it might take a few seconds to appear. To find your new address book, go to Email > Contacts > All contacts.

Please note: In the 'Map of openers' report, you must first select a region of the map, then click Add these contacts to an address book.
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