Export data from campaign reports


You can export data from most campaign reports.

If exporting for a report is available, you'll see the Export dropdown at the top of it.


Selecting it provides options to:

  • Export
  • Create address book 

These options can differ depending upon the report, however. For example, the 'Most engaged' report has the option to 'Export' and 'Export with links clicked'.

Exporting a report to a CSV file

  1. Click on the Export dropdown and select Export
  2. Your export file will prepare itself on the the 'Exports' page and make itself available for download. When it's complete, click on Download and a CSV file of the report will download to your computer.


To find this export in future, click on the person-and-cog icon in the bottom left corner of the app and select Exports.

Create a new address book with contacts from a report

  1. Click on the Export dropdown and select Create address book
  2. Enter a name for the address book in the 'Create address book' dialog
  3. Click Create

It may take a few seconds for the address book to be created (it will be created as a private address book). 

Once it is, you'll be able to find it in your address books list.

Please note: In the 'Map of openers' report, you must first select a region of the map, then click Add these contacts to an address book.
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