Add Shopify coupon codes to an email campaign

Learn to add and set up the dynamic coupon code block to send a unique Shopify coupon code to all your campaign contacts.


If you're using a Shopify store connected to Engagement Cloud with our Shopify connector, you can create individual and one-time use dynamic coupon codes to send to your contacts in Email campaigns.

Shopify API rate limits

Please be mindful of your Shopify API rate limit. API calls are made to obtain the coupon code. Sends can become cancelled if the limit is exceeded.  Consider throttling your sends.

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Before you start

Before getting started, you must:

  • Have a Shopify store connected to Engagement Cloud using our Shopify connector.
  • Create or edit a campaign in Engagement Cloud to add the coupon code block to.
    Add and set up the coupon code block.

Add Shopify coupon codes to an email campaign

These instructions start from the email campaign designer tool known as EasyEditor. To get to the EasyEditor, either create a new or edit an existing email campaign.

To add and set up the dynamic coupon code block:

  1. In EasyEditor, drag the Coupon code block onto your campaign canvas.
    You can find the Coupon code block under the Ecommerce header of the EasyEditor building blocks.
  2. Hover over the Coupon code block and select the settings icon

    This opens the Coupon code block settings side panel. 
  3. In the Coupon prefix box, enter some text to personalise your campaign.
    For example, SUMMER2020, SAVE10, or BLACKFRIDAY. 
  4. Under the label Discount type, expand the drop-down menu and choose either Percentage, Fixed amount, or Free shipping.
  5. In the Amount box, enter the amount of discount you want to give.
    For example, if you selected Percentage for the Discount type, you might enter 20 to add a 20% discount to the coupon.
  6. If you want the coupon code to only work on orders above a minimum value, enter a minimum value amount in the Minimum order value box. Enter 0 if you don’t want to use a minimum order value.
  7. To make the coupon only valid for certain product collections, enter the collection ID into the Eligible collections box. To add multiple collections, separate the IDs using commas (,).
    To find the collection ID in your Shopify admin, go to Product > Collections and select the collection you want to use. You can find the ID at the end of the URL in the address bar.
  8. To set an expiry time for your coupon, enter a number (in days) into the Expires after (days) box. By default, this is set to 30 days.
  9. Select Apply to finish.

You’ve now finished setting up the dynamic coupon code in your email campaign. Once you complete and send your campaign, all your contacts receive a unique coupon code in their email.

You can’t preview a dynamic coupon code

When previewing or testing the campaign, you only see a placeholder for the campaign and the unique code is not entered. This is because coupon codes are generated and inserted only when sending a real campaign.

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