Working with Shopify dynamic coupon codes


  • You need a Shopify/Shopify Plus store that's connected with Commerce Flow.
  • Coupon codes are supported only in HTML versions of campaigns (not in plain text versions).
  • Only one coupon marker per campaign is permitted.
  • In case your store is already linked to Engagement Cloud, we need you to refresh the store connection and permissions by clicking on the Engagement Cloud app in your Shopify store.
  • Dynamic coupon codes do not work in the Dynamics Content block.


You can create individual and one-time use dynamic coupon codes for your Shopify customers via our Shopify connector. 


How it works

You can use the 'Coupon code' building block in EasyEditor to create individual coupon codes in Shopify. Coupons are created in an optimised way in Shopify at the point of send, and they're for one-time use.

Follow these steps to create a coupon code:

  1. Create a new campaign (or triggered campaign) in Engagement Cloud
  2. Drag the 'Coupon code' block to where you want the coupon code to be locatedcoupon_block_drag.png
  3. Click the cog icon to configure the couponcoupon_block_click_to_config.png
  4. In the right-hand side panel that slides in, set the coupon prefix
  5. Set all the remaining coupon parameters (see Breakdown of settings below)
  6. Select the coupon text to style your coupon
  7. Click on Styles to edit the styles of the block (background, borders, padding, etc.)
  8. Save your campaign 

And you're all set!


A Campaign save warning modal appears if you add a coupon code and a View in browser link to a campaign.


Every time this campaign is now sent - regardless of whether it's an immediate send, a scheduled send, or an automated send - it will generate an individual coupon code per recipient and it will appear where your block is placed.

Breakdown of settings
  • Coupon prefix - the text added here is used to personalise or theme your coupon code. For example, 'SUMMER2018', or 'SAVE10', or 'BLACKFRIDAY'.  
  • Discount type - this is the value type of the discount
    • Percentage - this applies a percentage discount
    • Fixed Amount - this applies a fixed value discount (as a unit of the store's currency)
    • Free Shipping - this will waive the shipping cost completely
  • Amount - this is the amount of discount you want to offer. For example, when the 'Amount' is set as '30' and the 'valueType' is set as 'Percentage', the discount value will be -30%.
  • Minimum order amount - this is the minimum amount that a visitor must spend in order to use your coupon code.
    You can enter '0' in this field to allow any order amount.
  • Eligible collections (IDs) - these are the IDs of the collections that you want the coupon code to be valid for.
    You can enter more than one collection ID in this field by separating them with commas.
    If you leave this field blank, the coupon code will be valid for all your store's collections.
    To find the ID of a Shopify collection, go to your store, click the name of a collection, and look in the address bar. The collection ID is at the end of the URL.
  • Expires after (days) - this is the number of days the coupon code will be valid for. For example, if it's set to 30, the coupon code will be valid for 30 days from the point of send.
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