Sharing suppression lists between accounts


You can share suppression lists between accounts within a team.

This is useful if you use secondary accounts (those belonging to a top level account) to manage campaign segregation, but don't want to run the risk of emailing a suppressed contact in one account from another. For example, you may want to do this if you have secondary accounts for each of your offices - so when a contact unsubscribes from one office, another office won't be able to inadvertently contact them again.

Please note

  • Suppressions get shared across all accounts that are opted into the shared suppression feature by the top account, including the top account if they've opted in. For instance, if secondary accounts A, B, C and D are all opted in, then A's suppressions will get shared with B, C and D, and B's suppressions will get shared with A, C and D, and so on. 

Steps to set up shared suppressions

To share suppressions between accounts:

  1. Log into your top account, and go to Contacts > Suppressed Contacts > Shared lists
  2. From the accounts listed, tick to opt an account into sharing suppressions. Leave accounts unselected (thus not opted in) if you wish them to maintain their own suppression lists.
  3. Click Update

  4. After clicking the Update button, the 'Share suppressions' modal will appear.

    shared_suppressions_modal.pngThis modal ensures that you understand:
  • All suppressed contacts in all selected accounts will be shared among all selected accounts
  • Unselecting an account will not revert shared suppressions. It will just prevent further synchronisations
  • After the initial synchronisation, contacts suppressed for a least 24 hours will be synchronised continuously

Any suppressions associated with the selected accounts will get moved into one suppression list, and will be shared across all accounts that are opted in, if the suppression was completed more than 24 hours ago. However, subsequent new suppressions and removed suppressions will have a delay of 24 hours so that, if you wish, you can undo the changes that have been made.

Suppression list synchronisations aren't instant and take place daily across accounts, so allow up to 48 hours for your list to become fully shared.

You can change the accounts that are using the shared list at any time, by returning to 'Shared lists' tab and updating it. As a side note, any new accounts that're added will receive any past suppressions.

Once the list is fully shared amongst your selected accounts, the 'Bounce threshold' options will become unavailable for the included secondary accounts. Instead, the bounce thresholds will be controlled by the top account (even if the parent account is not opted into the shared suppression list).

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