SMS - an overview

What is SMS, and how can it work for me? 

SMS (short message service) is one of the most effective marketing channels there is, enjoying high deliverability and engagement rates, and allows you to get your message directly in front of your contacts by targeting their phones.

Using SMS effectively can complement your email efforts and strengthen your engagement strategy.

You can send SMS messages from the platform in two different ways:

  • via an automated program: ideal for sending personalised alerts, reminders and notifications to your contacts
  • via our SMS broadcasting tool: useful for sending something like a survey link or promotional code to lists of numbers (or an individual number) without them needing to be connected to an email address (an email contact)

What do I need to set up so I can send SMS messages from the platform?

You'll need:

Optionally, if you want recipients to be able to reply and opt in or out of your SMS messages, you'll either need:

How do I send SMS messages in programs?

You'll firstly need to:

You can then drag and drop a 'Send SMS' node into a program, write the message, and personalise it with other contact data fields. When contacts reach the node, they'll be sent the SMS message.

How do I send SMS messages in the SMS broadcasting tool?

In the 'SMS' area of the platform, you can:

Do I get reporting on my SMS sends?

Yes you do, for the SMS broadcasting tool. This has a reporting area and provides details on sends, deliveries, and failures for your SMS campaigns.

Your single sends are also logged here, which includes any triggered SMS sends via programs.

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