Insight data dependencies for product recommendations

Learn what insight data you need to sync to use our product recommendations.


To use our product recommendations feature, you must sync the correct insight data from your ecommerce platform. Your products must be added as an account-scoped Insight data collection and the collection name must be prefixed with catalog_.

To learn more, check out The non-developer's guide to Insight data.


The table below details the types product recommendation and the Insight data collections required to power them.

Product recommendation type Required Insight data collections
Custom category Products
Best sellers Products, Orders
Most viewed Products, WebInsight
Last browsed Products, WebInsight
Trending Products, Orders, WebInsight
Also bought Products, Orders
Lookalikes (predictive) Products, Orders, WebInsight (optional)
Best next (predictive) Products, Orders

Data schemas

For product recommendations to work correctly, your product and order data needs to follow a specific structure. You can refer to our data schema to find this structure:

To find out more about WebInsight data check out the Web behavior tracking section of our Help Centre.

Sync your data to Dotdigital

You can sync Insight data through an integration, or directly through the API. To learn more, check out:

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