Insight data dependencies for product recommendations


In order to use Engagement Cloud's product recommendations feature, you need to be syncing the correct Insight data from your ecommerce platform. As a side note, for products to be available for selection in a product block, they need to be added to an account's AccountInsight in a collection name that's prefixed with 'catalog_'.


The table below details the types of product recommendation, the Insight data collections required to power them, and links to the schema definitions to ensure your data is in the correct structure.

Product recommendation type Required Insight data collections
Custom category Products
Best sellers Products, Orders
Most viewed Products, Web Behavior Tracking
Last browsed Products, Web Behavior Tracking
Trending Products, Orders, Web Behavior Tracking
Also bought Products, Orders
Lookalikes (predictive) Products, Orders, Web Behavior Tracking (optional)
Best next (predictive) Products, Orders

Syncing your data to Engagement Cloud

If you're not syncing these Insight data collections and wish to do so, you should review our market-leading ecommerce integrations or speak to your account manager.

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