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Product recommendations
Product recommendations
Product recommendations overviewPromote the right products to your contacts.
Using the product recommendations builderSend your customers the right recommendations at the right time.
Create a product recommendationUse in email campaigns, pages, or on your website.
Product recommendations in campaigns, pages, or formsInsert and customise product recommendations in your email campaigns, pages, and forms.
Using product bundles in product recommendationsBundled products are customizable, build-your-own products in your ecommerce store.
Recommend variants or parents in product recommendationsRecommend parent products or set up custom rules to handle variants in your product recommendations.
Hybrid prediction product recommendationsCombine data points from Best next and Lookalike recommendations.
Also bought product recommendationsAlso bought is a personalised recommendation that shows the most popular products people who bought a particular item also bought.
Best next predictive product recommendationsBest next uses a type of machine learning called collaborative filtering to find lookalike shoppers.
New in store product recommendationShow your contacts the latest items added to your store.
Best sellers product recommendationsCalculates the best selling products in your catalog Insight data collection.
Most viewed product recommendationCalculates the most viewed products in your catalog Insight data collection.
Custom category product recommendationDefine filters to display desired products.
Lookalike predictive product recommendationsLookalikes is a predictive recommendation type that uses a type of machine learning called content-based filtering.
Trending product recommendationsTrending products is a hybrid recommendation, combining best sellers and most viewed.
Set up Variant handlingSo you don’t recommend the same product to your customers multiple times.
Set the default tax rate for a catalogIf your catalog prices don't include tax, you can set a custom default tax rate for each of your catalogs.
Set up Catalog level rulesAvoid duplicating rules for each of your product recommendations by using catalog level rules.
Use the Insight data checkerIdentify issues in your insight data.
Insight data dependencies for product recommendationsWhat insight data you need to sync to use each type of product recommendation.
Understand the weighting curve for product recommendationsTo handle situations where very old data skews results and less relevant products are recommended, we apply a weighting curve.
Change the product unique identifierYour products have a unique product identifier which we use to differentiate between them, and to link to any associated order data.
Onsite product recommendationsShow product recommendations on your website by embedding our scripts.
Understanding the affinity scoreWhat we mean by affinity score and what goes on behind the scenes to calculate it.
Bought together product recommendationsUse cart data and order data to send Bought together product recommendations to your customers.