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Bought together product recommendations

Use cart data and order data to send Bought together product recommendations to your customers.

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Bought together is a personalised product recommendation that shows the most popular pairings of products people buy at the same time. This recommendation can be based on the customer’s most recent purchase or items currently in their cart.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • To use Bought together recommendations, you should review the insight data dependencies for this type of recommendation. You must also ensure the following:

    • You have synced data to Dotdigital

    • You have orders for products in your catalog

    • Products have a price greater than zero.

  • You can edit a Bought together recommendation in the recommendation builder to add additional filtering. For example, to exclude products under a certain price.

  • Products must have been bought together at least five times to be considered for the recommendation. This helps to make the recommendation more accurate.

Create a Bought together recommendation

To create a Bought together recommendation:

  1. Go to Content > Products > Recommendations.

  2. Hover over the Bought together recommendation and select SELECT.

  3. Expand the Choose catalog drop-down menu and choose a catalog.

  4. For Recommendation name, enter a name.

  5. Select CREATE.

Preview Bought together recommendation for a product

To see what products are frequently bought together:

  1. On the recommendation builder page, select PREVIEW.

  2. Enter a product name from your catalog into the Search bar.

  3. Choose a product from the results then select SELECT PRODUCT. This displays a recommendation preview of another product that is frequently bought together with the product you selected.

Bought together recommendations in email

Bought together recommendations can be used in your email campaigns.

Learn how to set up product recommendations for email in Product recommendations in campaigns, pages, or forms.

Bought together recommendations can be set up to use either:

  • Order data

    The recommendation is based on the customer’s last order data. This is the default option and is good for sending to customers after they have made a purchase.

  • Cart data

    The recommendation is based on the customer’s last cart data, including their current cart. This is a good option to use in your abandoned cart emails.

To choose which data to base the recommendation on:

  1. On the EasyEditor canvas, select your Bought together product recommendation block.

  2. In the left-side panel, select the Settings tab and expand the Settings drop-down menu.

  3. For Recommendations based on latest:, choose either Orders or Carts.

Bought together recommendations on site

Product pages

When used on your website’s product page, Bought together should be embedded on the template at the lowest level product page. The product page URL is then sent by the script to Dotdigital.

Onsite recommendations can be customised to use appropriate HTML and CSS to match your website.

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