Engagement timeline in Microsoft Dynamics


The Engagement Timeline is a graphical representation of interactions taken by contacts and leads. This gives your team an overview of how engaged and responsive they are when reviewing the record directly within Microsoft Dynamics. This keeps the data in one location, eliminating the need to access Engagement Cloud separately.

The Engagement Timeline displays the following statistics: 

  • Emails sent
  • Emails opened
  • Links clicked
  • Pages visited (if page tracking/Web Behavior Tracking is being used)
  • ROI
  • Form responses (if surveys and forms are synced)

Accessing the Engagement Timeline

For contacts

To access the Engagement Timeline from a contact record, click the Engagement Timeline option from the toolbar.


If you are using the Classic Interface you'll need to click the three dots on the toolbar and choose 'Engagement Timline' from the list of options.

For lead

To access the Engagement Timeline from a lead record, select the Engagement Timeline option from the toolbar.


Engagement Timeline not available?

The Engagement Timeline is not available in version 2011 of the connector.  If you are on a version greater than 2011 and the Engagement Timeline option isn't available from the menu, ask your CRM administrator to check your Security Roles. 'Read' access is required for 'Form', 'Form Answer', 'Form Question', and 'Form Response'. These are found under 'Custom Entities'. 

Engagement Timeline

By default, the Engagement Timeline displays all campaigns sent to, and the activity performed by, the contact or lead. 


Use the icons at the top of the window to include or remove different types of activity. For example, if you'd like to include page visits, click the Page Visits icon.


More details can be accessed for each activity type by clicking view details under the activity type.


This expands the selection and provides more in-depth information such as form responses, links clicked, or the URL visited.


Aggregate totals for emails sent, total clicks, unique opens, unique clicks, open rate, and click rate can be found on the left-hand side of the page under the name and email address.


Statistics not available or missing?

Check your campaign statistics synchronisation level. This needs to be set to 'Advanced' to synchronise this level of detail.

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