Submit actions


Submit actions are triggered when a respondent completes a form. 

When your landing page has a form on it, you can access the survey options menu (next to the preview button); from here you will find the submit actions option.

Types of Submit action


When a respondent completes your form you will likely want to show a "thank you message". You can choose to redirect to either: 

  • A URL (such as a page on your website)
  • Another landing page

Allow multiple submissions

By default, a survey will only allow a respondent to submit your form once. You can override this to allow it to accept multiple submissions.

Add respondents to an address book

You can optionally add respondents to an address book. To do this, your form should capture their email address and this should be mapped to the contact email address

Enrol in a program

When a respondent submits your form, you can optionally choose to enrol them to an automation program. This is useful for follow-up emails. Just like adding the contact to an address book, make sure you have mapped a form input to the contact email address.

Email alerts

When a respondent submits your form, you can:

  • Send a notification (and optionally the respondent's submission) to one or more specified email addresses. Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma. 
  • Send the respondent a simple text email or a triggered campaign. You can also send them a copy of their submission. Emailing the respondent requires that your form maps an input to the contact email address.
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