RFM - Standard and custom personas


There are six standard personas generated by Engagement Cloud's RFM model. They describe a set of purchasing behaviours (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) in order to group together similar customers. These can then be used in contact segments.

The RFM personas generated by Engagement Cloud are specific to your business. Each score that powers the persona is relative to the behaviour of your entire customer base. A customer identified as 'Loyal' for you may not be categorized in the same persona for another business.

Standard personas

Each standard persona is underpinned by a core purchase life cycle model, ranging from 'Active', 'Lapsing', and 'Inactive'. This is visualized on the customer dashboard.


Custom personas

You will also have the ability to generate custom personas, which can be done as follows:

  1. Drag an 'RFM score' block onto the segment builder canvas
  2. Click Click here to choose an RFM persona, which will open the 'Choose RFM persona' panel
  3. In the 'Persona type' field, switch the toggle to Custom
  4. Set the custom scoring system (any value, that is 'is any', an exact value, that is 'is equal to X', or a range, that is 'in between X and X') via the 'Recency', 'Frequency', and 'Monetary' dropdowns. Please note that each dimension is scored between 1 and 5, apart from 'Recency', as this field is scored between 1 and 3, as it reflects a purchase life cycle model.


Please note that we cannot guarantee that custom personas will be unique sets of customers, meaning you run the risk of having a contact in more than one custom persona. To avoid this, we recommend using a standard persona, which can be found by switching the 'Persona type' toggle to Standard.
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