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Get started with WinstonAI
Get started with WinstonAI

Harness the power of AI to enhance your marketing, save time and increase productivity.

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WinstonAI is our next generation marketing intelligence engine, powering insights and analytics, content improvement tools and helping you to optimise your communications and marketing efforts across the platform.

Here we provide a breakdown of all the WinstonAI-powered features you can access, and links to more information to get you making the most of them.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The availability of WinstonAI features may depend on your account package. To discuss, contact your Customer Success representative.


Key information

  • WinstonAI is an artificial intelligence tool powered by Microsoft Azure's OpenAI service and ChatGPT, and it might produce incorrect responses or suggestions. You must review WinstonAI’s content suggestions carefully before committing to their use.

  • WinstonAI runs against a model in Azure that's specific to Dotdigital. The model discards all information after the task you have chosen is complete.

  • Based on a fair usage policy, we ask that you use WinstonAI responsibly. Maximum 200 requests per account every 24 hours.


  • Email subject line assistant
    Grab your contacts’ attention in the right way as soon as you hit their inbox.

    There are six options for how WinstonAI can help you with your subject lines:

    • Suggest alternatives

    • Check grammar

    • Change tone

    • Change length

    • Rephrase text

    • Add emojis

  • Email to SMS converter
    When you’ve spent time crafting great email content, there’s no need to start from scratch to create a complimentary SMS campaign.


  • Grammar checker
    Fix any grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in your copy. Additionally, you receive constructive feedback to enhance your writing further.

  • Change tone
    Analyse your SMS and MMS messages and change their tone using a range of writing styles for you to choose from.

  • Shorten message
    Fitting everything you need to say into a limited character count can be tricky, so let WinstonAI do it for you.

  • Rephrase text
    Feel like you’re not quite getting the wording right? Choose a rephrase style and get suggestions for changes you might want to make.

  • Add emojis
    Emojis are a great way to add character to your SMS and MMS campaigns, but they need careful usage. Let WinstonAI help you get the balance right.

Surveys, pages, and forms

Product recommendations​

Enable or disable WinstonAI content tools

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Settings > General > Account Settings and find the heading Features.

  2. Select Enable WinstonAI.

  3. Select SAVE SETTINGS.

Insights and analytics

  • Predictive analytics
    Customer predictions are a useful way to anticipate what your customers are likely to do next, and when; this can help you to prepare appropriate strategies to keep your customers engaged and continue purchasing your products or services.

  • RFM personas
    RFM personas describe a set of purchasing behaviours (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) in order to group together similar customers.

  • eRFM segments and opportunities
    eRFM is our ecommerce behavioural model designed to help you better understand the potential of your contacts by creating customer personas from a combination of engagement score and RFM score.

  • Lookalike segments
    If you find a perfect customer on the single customer view, you can generate a segment based on their profile to collect more contacts like them.

Optimised communications

  • Automated reputation manager for email sender reputation
    Sender reputation is calculated from the quality of data you upload and the engagement you get from your contacts for your campaigns. The better this data is, and the greater your campaigns perform, the higher your sender reputation will be.

  • Watchdog data importer
    The Data Watchdog is a powerful and intelligent analysis tool unique to Dotdigital, protecting our sender reputation and your delivery rates. No email address makes it into the system without being checked by the Data Watchdog first. Using a complex set of algorithms and checks, the Data Watchdog predicts, detects and prevents email abuse.

  • Non-human interaction (NHI) filtering for email
    Your contacts may use security products to keep their inboxes secure, and these security products can open your email campaigns and interact with the links they contain. To help improve the accuracy of your reports, you can make your account filter out any activity from known non-humans.

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