Retailer dashboard


The retailer dashboard is the heartbeat of an ecommerce business. It shows three reporting dimensions: Money, Order, and Customers. Each of these are represented as a row of tiles showing related metrics.



All metrics shown will be based on the selected time period for the dashboard.

Metric Dimension Description
Revenue Money Total revenue generated by orders.
AOV Money Average order value for a single a customer.
CLV Money Customer lifetime value (spend) for a single customer.
Total orders Orders Total orders made. 
Avg. items per order Orders Average number of items purchased in a single order.
Avg. delay (days) Orders The average time in days between concurrent purchases for a repeat customer. The lower the better.
Customers Customers Total number of customers who made at least one order. 
Single purchase customers Customers The number of customers who made a single order.
Repeat customers Customers The number of customers that made more than one order.

Dashboard controls

Date range

Adjust the dashboard's focus time period by using the date range control in the top-right.


Filter your results by address book or segment.


When selecting the date range for the dashboard, a comparison period can also be selected. This is shown as a smaller number expressed as a percentage on each tile.

The comparison must be the same unit, for example, a month, or a larger unit than the selected focus period. Selecting 'All time' as the focus period does not allow a comparison.

Examples of valid comparisons:

  • Focus this week, comparison last week
  • Focus this week, comparison last month
  • Focus this year, comparison last year


Your dashboard will refresh automatically each morning. The refresh button will re-generate the dashboard data on-demand.

Full screen

The button with two arrows will remove the Engagement Cloud UI, allowing you to have a fullscreen view of the dashboard. This works well for second monitors or TV walls. 

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