Cancelling and modifying scheduled sends

Learn to cancel or modify a scheduled SMS send up until the time of send.

Cancelling your scheduled SMS campaign

To cancel an SMS campaign, go to the 'Outbox' area and click on the Cancel send icon that'll be next to the message you’d like to cancel, then select ‘Cancel send’ in the sidebar.

Modifying your scheduled SMS campaign

To modify your SMS campaign, click the Cancel send icon and select 'Cancel send'. If the message has never been sent before, it will return to the 'Unset' section, where you can edit and reschedule it. If it has been sent before, it’ll return to the 'Sent' section. To modify this message, copy it. The copy will appear in the 'Unsent' section where you can make any edits you need before rescheduling.

Any sent or unsent SMS campaigns you've created can be copied, allowing you to easily edit an existing campaign without having to start all over again from scratch. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the SMS 'My campaigns' section
  2. Select either the 'Sent' or 'Unsent' tab, as appropriate
  3. Find the campaign you wish to copy, and click on the Copy icon
  4. Give the copied campaign a new name. Once complete, click Save.
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