Sending a single SMS message

To send a single SMS message to a single contact (and this contact doesn't need to already exist in an address book):

  1. Go to Contacts > Send single message

  2. The 'Send single message' page firstly confirms how many SMS send credits you have remaining

    SMS_send_single_message.pngEnter the intended recipient's number and the message you wish to send to them. Again, if you exceed 160 characters (or 70 characters if you're using a non-Latin alphabet/character set), then your message will flow into a second SMS, as indicated by the counter at the foot of the message.
  3. Once happy, click Send.

The message is sent immediately. A page will confirm the message has been sent, along with the amount of send credits you have remaining.

The contact that you've sent to will also be added to your 'All contacts' SMS address book if they didn't already exist before.

You can also send a single SMS message via our API, using the Send SMS message operation in REST and the SendSingleSmsMessage method in SOAP.

Keep it short

If your SMS is longer than 160 standard GSM characters, it costs more to send. Don't get caught out by extra costs. Learn about SMS message length and using Unicode in your messages.

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