Share a page or form

Learn to share your page or form using a sharing URL or on Twitter.

Before you start

Make sure you're on the Publish panel of the page editor for the page or form you want to share.

To get to the Publish panel:

  1. Go to the page editor Pages and forms > Pages and forms > All pages and forms > *page to share* > Edit.
  2. Select Published page, at the top-right of the page.

Share a link

To share a pages and forms using a direct URL link:

  1. Select Copy link at the bottom of the Publish panel.
  2. Paste your link anywhere you want to share it.

Share on Twitter

To share pages and forms on Twitter:

  1. Select Share on Twitter at the bottom of the Publish panel.
  2. If prompted, Log in to Twitter. You need a Twitter account to do this.
  3. Enter any text you want to add alongside your Tweet.
  4. Select Tweet.

About sharing

Don't worry about your contacts sharing pages and forms. Any personalised information is not shared because the page switches to a non-personalised URL.

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