Publish a survey, page, or form

Once you've created your survey, page, or form, the next step is to publish it.

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You can either:

You provide your own 'friendly' part to the URL, and the URL can be previewed as you create it.

You can publish, unpublish and republish pages and forms at will (making post-publication edits easy), plus there are handy options to copy the page link, as well as share it on Twitter.

Before you start

Publish a survey, page, or form

  1. Go to the page editor Content > Surveys, pages, and forms, and select the page you want to publish.

  2. Select PUBLISH, at the top-right of the page.

  3. Under Address, select Create a link.

  4. Under Publish on, select the domain you want to publish on. Our domain is the default. If you have a purchased domain, select it using the drop-down menu.

  5. Under Friendly part, enter a friendly page name for your link. Your page title is the default value for this. You'll notice the Preview URL changes when you change the Friendly part name.

    You can change the Friendly part any time. We automatically redirect any visitors from the old URL to the new URL.

  6. Select Apply. You'll return to the initial side panel, and the makeup of your page address is confirmed to you. To make a change, select the confirmation message to return to the Link panel.

  7. Under Launch, select Publish.

  8. On the confirmation message, select Publish once again. The page is now online and all links are working.

  9. Select Visit link to go to your page.

Making changes to a live page

You must save and republish. Saving alone won't push any changes live.

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