Viewing your product catalogs

Learn how to view and use your ecommerce product catalogs.


There’s a dedicated place for your products, catalogs, and abandoned carts to appear in the Ecommerce area.

Find your product catalogs

To see your product catalogs:

  1. Go to Ecommerce > All stores > Catalogs and select the catalog you want to view.
    You can see a list of product names with thumbnail images, along with columns that contain a product’s SKU, type, stock, price and sales numbers.product-catalogs.png
  2. To see more details of a specific product, select the name of a product.
    The Product details panel appears, which gives you details and additional reporting data about the product, such as sales rank and total sales of all time. You can also search across your product names and SKUs by using the search bar.product-details.png


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