Understanding the two-way sync from Engagement Cloud to Shopify

Learn what information is synchronised from Engagement Cloud to Shopify through the two-way sync feature.


The Shopify connector supports the bi-directional synchronisation of certain fields due to its two-way sync feature. By default, two-way sync is enabled and we don’t recommend disabling it. If two-way sync is disabled, Engagement Cloud won’t update your customer’s subscriber status (accepts_marketing), if they unsubscribe from a campaign.

Enable or disable two-way sync

To enable or disable your two-way sync settings:

  1. In Engagement Cloud, go to Settings > Shopify.
  2. Find the Contacts section.
  3. Select Yes to enable or No to disable the Enable two-way sync feature.
  4. Select Save.

Synchronisation details

Engagement Cloud syncs in stages; historical data isn’t synchronised. If a customer doesn't exist in Shopify, the two-way sync won’t create the customer during synchronisation.

Learn about synced contact data fields

The following contact data fields in Engagement Cloud are updated in Shopify during the next schedules sync:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Note
  • Tags
  • Shipping address (default address)
  • Subscriber Status (accepts_marketing)

    When a customer unsubscribes through Engagement Cloud, accept_marketing changes to false and accepts_marketing_updated_at changes to the current date.

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