Using the premium messaging wallet

Learn how to top-up and use the premium messaging wallet for SMS and WhatsApp messaging.


Use the premium messaging wallet to send premium SMS and Whatsapp messages with greater convenience. With the premium messaging wallet, you can make a one-time monetary payment to the wallet and then send your campaigns. The wallet also makes it possible for you to lock in a better send rate cost for your SMS and WhatsApp sends - you can speak to your Customer Success representative to explore this.

If you have secured a special rate for sends, then once you have used up the funds inside your wallet the amount you pay per message will revert to the variable pay-as-you-go rate. You can speak to your Customer Success representative about maintaining a special rate.

You can add money to your wallet at any time, and the send costs are deducted from your wallet balance as you send your campaigns.

Before you start

You must be a pay-as-you-go customer to use the premium messaging wallet.

To learn more about pay-as-you-go, check out Understand SMS pay-as-you-go and spend limit.

Top-up your premium messaging wallet

To top-up your premium messaging wallet, contact sales, your account manager, or customer success manager to complete an order form.

Track your wallet spending

To track how much you spend from your premium messaging wallet, go to Settings (⋮)> Account > Usage. In the Premium messaging wallet area, you can see the current standing of your wallet:

  • Current wallet balance
    The current total amount in your wallet. If this amount reaches 0.00, you are invoiced for any additional sends after this.
  • Type
    The name of the type of transaction. For example, Wallet top up.
  • Amount
    The original monetary top-up amount. This amount doesn’t change as you spend.
  • Days until expiry
    The number of days until your wallet top-up amount expires.
  • Expiry date
    The date when the wallet top-up amount expires.

Expiry of monetary wallet credit

Premium messaging wallet top-ups last for one year from the date of purchase.

Balance notifications and alerts

To make it easy for you to keep track of your spending, we send an email notification when your wallet is empty. You can also choose to set up a notification for when your funds fall below an amount that you specify.

To set up the wallet amount notification:

  1. Go to Settings > Account, then select the Account settings tab.
  2. Under Features, select the Enable Premium Messaging wallet low balance alerts check box.
  3. Enter an alert amount in the box.
  4. Select SAVE SETTINGS.


These notifications are sent to the account owner and users with the Can manage account permission enabled.

You can also set SMS pay-as-you-go alerts here. To learn more, check out the article Understand SMS pay-as-you-go and spend limit.

Understand your invoice

As you send premium SMS campaigns, your invoice keeps track of the cost that’s deducted from your premium messaging wallet and the overall total in the SMS segments area. If you go over your premium wallet top-up amount, these charges also include pay-as-you-go sends. Your invoice also shows more details about your premium SMS sends:

  • Account
    Account holder that sent the messages.
  • Country
    The country the message was sent to.
  • Quantity
    The number of campaign sends and at what cost.
  • Effective from
    The effective from date when the rate last changed for the country you are sending to.
  • Cost
    The total cost of the send.
  • SMS segments cost
    The total cost of SMS segments.
  • Premium message wallet deductions
    Monetary amount that was deducted from your premium messaging wallet.
  • SMS segments subtotal ex tax
    The subtotal, excluding tax, of the SMS segments.

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